Chapter dedicated to Hybrid_4_Life

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Chapter dedicated to Hybrid_4_Life. Thanks for reading and voting, my friend!

Chapter 62 -Ivy & Talon- Alaric's POV

Marku's expression had gone from shock to fury and now settled into ravenous lust. He purred, "Very few people get the better of me. Most do not have the talent or the initiative, or the balls, to take me on. But you are even more unique than I originally surmised, aren't you?"

Raine stared at him coldly, and gave no answer.

That bastard licked his lips suggestively as he continued, "I underestimated you."

Raine still did not reply, but I couldn't miss her mouth curl into the tiniest smirk. Marku nodded as though she had spoken her agreement. His voice lowered and he promised seductively, "It will never happen again."

Raine had the audacity to challenge him yet again, when she raised a single eyebrow questioningly in response. Fuck. Marku was right about one thing. She had a set of balls that rivaled most vampires in this room.

I'd seen Marku horny and fuck plenty of times before. Not by my choice and I wished I could erase the images in my head, but they were there. But he had never looked at any of those women with as much raw desire as he was staring at Raine now. He adjusted himself more than once in his chair. I had no doubt his dick was raging hard. Hell, watching her take him for $500K and humiliate him in front of the entire vampire nations had my dick hard. Shit.

He purred once again, his tone a promise and a threat, "Know this, my dear, I always get what I want...And you will be mine."

I couldn't stop the furious growl that reverberated through my chest. Raine was equally angry. Her hands balled into fists as she spat, "I am no one's property!"

Marku chuckled at her response and then commanded loudly, "Fetch the pet!"

One of his High Council made a call and a few minutes later, a guard appeared. I cringed. Of course, Marku had left her naked. The guard yanked her harshly by a leash connected to a collar around her neck. She stumbled and worked to catch her balance.

The guard brought her right in front of Marku. She cowered away from him in fear. He addressed the girl with a leering grin, thoroughly enjoying her panic, "It is your lucky day, my dear. You have a new owner."

The abject fear never left her face. No doubt, she didn't consider anything about this day lucky.

"We will break for a thirty minute intermission," Marku announced loudly to the crowd, and then commanded a guard, "Get me another pet. No, make it two. I need to take care of something."

Oh fuck, I knew exactly what he planned to take care of, and since he didn't give a shit about fucking in front of a crowd, I had no doubt he was going to put on quite a performance. I was also fairly certain more than half of the bastards in the audience would thoroughly enjoy his brand of entertainment.

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