Chapter dedicated to Hotchocolaterush

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Chapter dedicated to Hotchocolaterush.  To the coolest girl with a kick-ass user ID, thanks beautiful, for reading and voting!

And then we were falling, our world black...

Chapter 130 –Not In Kansas Anymore – Raine's POV

I opened my mouth to let out a surprised shout, but Cage had anticipated my reaction and I found his hand clamped over my lips, keeping me silent. He gripped me tighter, curling his body around mine protectively, trying to take as much of the impact of our fall as possible. Well, it was more like a bumpy roll, down a steep decline. For a moment, we were devoid of anything other than the inky blackness that surrounded us. And then just as quickly, our bodies came to an abruptly halt, landing on a hard immovable surface.

Light invaded my senses. I blinked. I was lying on top of Cage. He loosened his hold slightly, his knuckles caressing my cheek. "Are you okay?"

I held his strong gaze, while I took inventory of my body for a moment. It wasn't a pleasant fall, but everything felt in the right places and working. I breathed, "Yes, I think so."

I looked around slowly, my mouth forming a small 'o'. We were in a rundown old mansion. Before I could contemplate further, Cage grabbed my shoulders and thrust our bodies hard to the side. I huffed in surprise, "Oh!"

I looked back to find Echo rolling down the same set of stone steps we had. He landed with a hard thump where we were seated a second ago, a curse falling from his lips, "Fucking hell!"

He reached down and cupped his manhood protectively, making sure it was still intact. I stifled a giggle.  Without warning, several of his men dropped into sight, all stumbling and tripping down the stairs. Echo didn't make it out of the way in time, before they landed right on top of him. His furious growls were muffled by the mass of bodies on top of him, "Get the fuck off of me!"

Everyone scrambled to right themselves, their eyes wide, bodies ready to fight the unknown. Echo leapt away from the landing as soon as his men clambered off of him. And not a moment too soon. Because York came tumbling down with Queen Ileana in his tight grasp. Her teeth were clenched, her face set in a tight grimace. The pain of the fall exacerbating the pain she was already in.

Talon rolled down last. York jumped out the way with Ileana before Talon's muscled body made impact with them. That was everyone. No one had decided to turn back. My heart welled with emotion. I blinked back a tear and whispered, "Thank you."

Echo smirked, "Did you really expect anything else?"

I grinned. "No, not really."

Talon stood to his feet, his large hands dusting himself off. "Where are we?"

I didn't have an answer for him. I twisted my neck to look at our surroundings again. I couldn't turn too far. Cage's arms were still protectively wrapped around me. Actually more like a vice, limiting my movement, but I didn't struggle to get away, instead preferring the comfort that his embrace provided as I took everything in.

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