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Chapter 94 –You Promised– Raine's POV

Cage exited the closet, holding a handful of my lingerie, and advised, "I definitely think these should be added to the list." I turned to face him. Of course, out of all of the possible options, he had chosen only my most scandalous and risqué undergarments.

We were packing for a two week trip. Echo had relentlessly urged us to visit his country – well, my country I guessed, and we were leaving tonight. I was excited about the trip and curious to learn the inner workings of the nation I was now responsible for.

I quirked my head to the side. Given the amount of sexy scraps of clothing Cage held in his hands, you would have thought we were staying for months, not just two weeks. I admonished him playfully, "Oh no, we will never leave our room if you plan on going through every one of those.  Narrow it down to four and that will be more than sufficient."

He frowned. And then his lips curled mischievously as he purred, "Oh well, no matter; I think I prefer you completely naked anyway...It certainly worked for me last night."

Memories of the night before flooded into my consciousness. Me, on my hands and knees, and him thrusting in and out of me from behind, one hand curled tightly in my hair to keep my head up and my back arched, while the other occasionally slapped my ass, before rubbing the areas with his palm. I felt heat shimmer across my cheeks and breathed, "I still can't believe you spanked me."

"Yes, and you loved it." A large grin spread across his face as he sorted through the items in his arms and extracted a few, placing them on the couch, before returning the remaining items to the closet.

My blush deepened because I knew I couldn't deny it. I had been shocked to find I loved his display of dominance, and the small temporary bite of pain had only enhanced my pleasure. I replied dryly, "You are turning me into quite the dirty girl."

He popped back out of the closet and carefully arranged the undergarments in the suitcase as he chuckled, "I wish I could take credit for that, but I know better. Your dirty girl was simmering just below the surface, ready for the right man to come along."

"And you think you're the right man?" I questioned cheekily.

His head snapped up at my obvious challenge. And then he disappeared. It took less than a blink for me to realize where he went – right on top of me – as we both crashed onto the bed.

I squealed in surprise. 

Somehow, he had conveniently nestled himself between my thighs, and even with clothing between us, there was no mistaking his very large arousal. He pushed his hips into me hard, stroking his cock against my core as he dominantly growled, "I am the only man for you...Who's pussy is it, Tigru?!"

I panted, unable to catch my breath from the sudden acceleration of my heart, and heat that flooded my system. Before I could even form a response, however, Kieran walked leisurely into our bedroom!

Where in the hell had he come from?!

He stared down at my less than ladylike position – legs in the air, wrapped around Cage's waist – and smirked, "Yes, yes, yes; her pussy belongs to you. Now that we have established that fact, we cannot ignore that you are going to be late for your meeting with Armand. And the King does not appreciate having to wait, particularly for you to indulge in said pussy."

I blinked. What was I supposed to say to that?

Clearly Kieran wasn't finished with his assessment, because he cocked his head to the side as he eyed me speculatively, and then added to Cage, "Not, that I don't understand the drive. Fuck, how do you even survive the scent of her arousal?" 

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