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Chapter 126 –Until the Sun Comes Up– Cage's POV

I roared into the air. How the fuck had that happened?! I just had her back and now she was going to be in his filthy hands again, and this time, it meant a fight. She would fight him. I had no doubts. She probably would have fought him the first time, had Echo and I not been captured. Either way, I wasn't going to just stand by and let her get hurt.

I expected Killian to turn around, retrace his steps to Marku's estate, but he didn't. Instead he flew the opposite direction. What was that bastard doing?  Wherever he was headed, I would follow.

"Let's go!" I hissed, and we jumped into motion. They were silent, running behind me. I hated that we had lost another one of Echo's men, but such was the case with war, and we were certainly at war with Marku.

I tracked Killian's movements, listening to the beat of their wings, fantasies of the many ways I wanted to end Marku, running rampant through my head. Thirty minutes in, I was certain of one thing. Killian wanted me to follow him. There was no other explanation for why he flew low and slow enough for me to easily stay with him.

Now I was really wary. But I guessed Marku wasn't going to be happy until he could face me as well. The corners of my lips curled up. That would be the fucker's last mistake.

Another two hours went by. We were almost out of Marku's territory. York traded off with Talon, each taking a turn carrying Queen Ileana, so they could conserve strength. Both knew a fight was coming. I snarled in York's direction, "Where the hell are they going?" He knew Marku's territory better than any of us.

His forehead creased. He responded shortly, "I don't know. Marku's holdings end in another hundred miles. After that, I don't know of any location he would be confident to keep her in."

There were lights on the horizon, a city. Just as we reached the border, Killian descended from the sky. I growled in frustration. Raine was close but I couldn't attack him, not with her still trapped in his arms. I kept my eyes trained on his every moment. She didn't appear to be fighting him anymore. Shit, what had he done to her? Most Fae had gifts, but I wasn't familiar with his. Abruptly, he shocked the fuck out of me, when he angled down sharply and called out, "Catch, Vampire!"

And then he dropped her!

Right into my arms!

What the fuck?!

My arms banded around her, holding her tight to my chest. Her eyes were wide as they met mine. She looked just as surprised. She clutched my shoulders in a death grip, pressing herself even closer to me. I struggled to control my trembling as relief rushed through me.

"Try not to lose her again, Vampire," Killian's words drifted through the air, as he spiraled upward. I couldn't see his face, but the amusement in his voice was unmistakable. What the hell?!

I was speechless.

Echo filled the void, "What the fuck just happened?"

"He just wanted to talk with me," Raine breathed.

My eyebrows shot up. "What did he say?"

"He wanted to know what I was, and he asked how much I knew about my history. I told him everything, which as you already know, isn't much. He listened and then told me to sleep." She yawned and murmured, "I fell asleep. I'm shocked I was able to fall asleep like that. How long were we flying? Where are we?"

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