Chapter 12 – A Woman Scorned


"Why? Am I still dangerous to you?"  I still couldn't fathom what potential danger I could pose, but I remembered he didn't reply the night before, so suspected the answer was yes.

"I don't know what you are," he replied simply.

"What I am," I repeated, trying to understand. I thought I was a perfectly ordinary orphan. Obviously they felt differently. I remembered their careful inspection of my skin. "What where they looking for yesterday?"

"They were looking for the birthmarks of an Immortal."

"But, what does that mean? Surely, they cannot think I am immortal."

"In this context, the word 'immortal' is not used in the descriptive sense. Rather it is an identifier of a particular type of being. An Immortal is created when a female human and a male vampire conceive a child."

"What?" I had never heard of such a thing. Of course, until yesterday, I didn't know vampires or hunters existed either.

"They are exceedingly rare because both must be descendants from the ancient vampire bloodlines. I have only met one over the span of my long life."

I stared at him in confusion. "How can a female human be a vampire descendent?"

"There are five ancient and distinct vampire bloodlines: Liliana, Marku, Quinn, Isolde and Armand. Each of the bloodlines carries a unique scent. Over the course of centuries, select humans carry and pass down these bloodlines to their children. We refer to them as bloodline humans. Most bloodline humans live and die without ever knowing they carry this ancient vampire trait. However, if a female bloodline human conceives with a select bloodline vampire, an Immortal child is created."

The pieces were starting to come together. It was insane to think I might carry some genetic vampiric trait, but I had to ask, "Everyone keeps talking about my scent. Is that what you think I am, a bloodline human?"

"Yes and no. You most definitely carry a bloodline scent. But it is not one of the only five known to exist. Your scent is unique."

"Oh, that is why you wanted to know about my family."

"Yes, knowing your lineage may help us determine exactly what you are."

I sat quietly and tried to push away the invading bitter thought, yet again, my lack of family was causing me nothing but misery. He took my hand and murmured, "All I know is that you have to be something more. Something we have never seen before because a bloodline human is exactly that – human."

"You don't think I am human?"

"I didn't say that. I only know that you carry traits which cannot be fully explained by the bloodline human theory. For example, you are immune to compulsion. I was unable to heal you with my blood, but yet you healed within a day. And then there were your unexpected physical reactions when you fought the hunters."

I worked to control my unsteady breathing. He was painting quite a picture. "So you think I may be an Immortal instead?"

"The traits would be more consistent with an Immortal, but no, I do not think you are that either. Immortals are always born with several birthmarks, each one symbolizing a gift. And they also mature at twice the human rate, meaning they become a fully grown adult in less than ten years. I think you would have noticed that."

No, that didn't fit. I was at a loss and my head throbbed a little. I decided to take the attention off of me for a moment and inquired curiously, "Tell me about the Immortal you met."

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