Chapter 111 –Masturbation & BDSM– Raine's POV

Marku traced my jaw with his long fingers, his pupils dilated and darkened into a smoky ice, electric with desire. Oh shit. I knew I couldn't put him off any longer. Now the real test would begin.

His wandering fingers slid down my chest, just barely grazing past my exposed nipple until they found the waist band of my shorts. I racked my brain for a way to delay him or at least get him off track, and sputtered, "Earlier...what did you mean when you told the maid that 'she could'?"

"Violet?" His eyebrow rose and his hands momentarily stilled.

Was that her name? He didn't have time to introduce us in the middle of all of his eye-fucking with her earlier. Aside from Penelope, the scantily clad pet was the only other female he had interacted with, so it had to be her. "Yes," I sputtered, hoping the story was lengthy and detailed as it seemed my ploy to distract him was successful. At least, for the moment.

He smirked, "I told her she could get herself off."

"What?" My eyebrows shot up. That wasn't the answer I expected. I had hoped for any conversation not about sex...and now we were discussing had that happened??

His tone was low and smooth. "Obviously, I cannot service her for the time being, so I gave her permission to find her own release."

I blinked. "Is she so sexed, that she cannot wait three days for you to 'service her'?" I asked, my tone clipped, my irritation seeping through.

He smirked, "When I told you I fuck like a demon, I wasn't exaggerating."

"Cocky bastard," I hissed under my breath.

He chuckled, the sound coming out way more predatory than humorous. His fingers were in motion again, tightening on my shorts, his command husky and deep. "Lift."

That one word was enough to cause adrenaline to ricochet through me. I held for a beat and then lifted, trying hard not to tremble. He pulled the garment slowly down my legs, letting the tips of his fingers trail down my skin with it.

And then I was naked before him. He didn't try to hide his appreciation as his eyes moved down my body, taking in every inch. "Fucking beautiful."

His burning gaze came back up to my face and he leaned in to my neck. His tongue barely grazed my skin as he purred, "Jealously looks quite lovely on you, by the way."


Had he lost his damn mind?

"I am not jealous!" I spat, squirming as his tongue continued along my collarbone.

"Uh huh," he replied, further infuriating me.

My hands balled into fists. I knew what was coming and was bound and damned determined to control my physical response this time. His mouth continued it's downward path. In less than a second, I had no doubt he would be nibbling on my breasts.

Shit, shit, shit.

I needed another distraction.


"Why is she happy?" I blurted out. The almost naked maid or whatever she was supposed to be, had seemed nothing except thrilled to see him. I didn't understand it.

He stopped and pulled back to look at me. I forced myself not to exhale loudly, revealing my extreme relief at his pause. "Why wouldn't she be?"

I thought that part was obvious. "Because she is with you."

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