Chapter dedicated to Zarathevampire

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Chapter dedicated to Zarathevampire. Thanks so much for reading the story and voting, my friend!

Chapter 13 – Five Moves


I turned off the shower, feeling better. The water had soothed my nerves and helped me regain perspective. I stepped out, only to realize I hadn't brought a change of clothes into the bathroom with me. I listened carefully to hear if Cage was still in the bedroom. There was only silence. More than likely, he left. He was the Prince, surely he didn't spend his nights hanging out in his bedroom. Feeling confident that I was alone, I finished drying, wrapped the towel around my body and stepped out of the bathroom – to find Cage sitting in a chair waiting for me.

I froze.

His expression was unreadable, it felt as if he were searching my eyes for the truth. Shit. He was way too perceptive. I was going to have to control my responses better if I was going to have any chance of slipping through his grip.

I could do this, I coached myself mentally. I had years of practice surviving on my own, and was normally proficient at locking down my emotions. For some reason, he seemed to be able to get through my self-inflicted wall of safety. But that had to stop right now, for both of our sakes.

I forced a relaxed smile and continued past him into the vast closet. Right away, I noticed some new additions – shoes! In all styles from flats to heels to boots, and a rainbow of colors. The only thing I loved more than pretty undergarments were shoes!

I think I might have squealed, as I let my fingertips caress a gorgeous pair of brown leather lace up boots.  From behind me, a deep gravelly voice I was beginning to really enjoying listening to, murmured, "Get dressed. I'd like you to meet some people."

I would love nothing more than an opportunity to wear those boots. I turned to look at him. "Okay."

He wandered out, leaving me alone again. I searched quickly and found a beautiful Bohemian-style pale coral dress that fell off of one shoulder and ended at my thigh. I paired it with ivory over-the-knee stockings with pretty feminine ruffles, and then tugged on the boots. Everything fit perfectly. I wondered how he knew all of my sizes. Well, I had been naked for most of the time we had been together. On my way out of the closet, I noticed an ornate jewelry armoire. My heart beat faster as I opened the top. I glanced through my options and pulled out stunning silver bangles, an eclectic ring and a necklace.

When I emerged, Cage took a moment to examine me from head to toe, his expression a mixture of pleasure and desire. I trembled, failing miserably to remain undetached emotionally to him. How was I going to be able to walk away when he kept looking at me like that?

He held out his hand, interrupting my internal musing. "Let's go."

I took it tentatively, enjoying the feel of his skin against mine, and teased, "I get to walk today?"

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