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Chapter dedicated to Champagne_. Thanks so much for reading and voting, my friend!

Chapter 90 –Was It Worth It?– Raine's POV

I twisted my hands in my lap, trying unsuccessfully to keep them from trembling as I stared at Cage. Anxiety wound through me at a shocking pace, and I focused my entire attention on not hyperventilating. My panicked expression must have been enough to alert him that I was teetering right at the edge of my self-control, because he immediately wrapped his strong arms around me, holding me tight to his chest as he whispered in my ear, "Everything will be okay Tigru. We are together now. I will be by your side every step of the way. You have time to consider this decision. It does not have to be a discussion for today."

His words helped. He was right. With him by my side, I could face anything...Even choosing to be a vampire, if I had to. For the time being, I let the tension of that future decision bleed from my body.

Felaern reiterated pointedly, "Do not delay too long. Leaving yourself vulnerable is never good strategy."

Cage maintained his protective hold and murmured, "We understand."

Nestled against the bare hardness of his chest, I was reminded he was still naked. I pulled back and said, "I brought clothes for you. I'm sure you would be more comfortable, dressed."

He nodded. I jumped down from the bed to collect the pair of dark jeans and Henley T-shirt neatly folded on a side table. I had rummaged through his luggage to find clothes for him, because every bit of clothing he had worn during our mating ceremony had been rendered useless when he had clawed it off of his body. I blushed as the memory washed over me. Cage didn't miss my expression as I handed him the items, and gave me a little nod with a knowing smirk.

I flushed again, my skin tingling, and refused to look at him. It was probably a good thing that I had my head turned away because he did not hesitate to pull the covers back and step out of the bed, in all of his male glory. My shock was tempered with the knowledge that everyone in the room had already seen more than was really necessary, however I noticed Brialle discreetly turned away, to give him at least a tiny shred of privacy. Felaern and Armand didn't react at all, and just continued their discussion.

Cage tugged on the jeans, pulling them up over his hips, but stopped before buttoning or zipping them, as he interrupted, "Do you have a mirror?"

Armand glanced around. There were two large mirrors on opposite walls. He crossed the room and lifted one of the mirrors away from the wall, bringing it back to Cage, who went to stand in front of the other. Because my mark was so low on his back, he shifted his already-open jeans even farther down so that  he could see all of it, as he intently examined his lower back.

I bit the inside of my lip, actually trying to cause myself physical pain, in a desperate attempt to distract my attention away from his ridiculously cut and toned body and powerful physique. However, no such luck. My mind clearly refused to cooperate as my eyes roamed along the hard planes of his broad chest; his muscles seeming to ripple even though he wasn't moving.  My wayward glance automatically drifted down to his lean hips...And the short V-shaped trail pointing to what I knew his jeans now barely concealed. If they slipped any lower, I was going to have a significant and hugely embarrassing reaction.

Get a grip! I scolded myself.

It was ridiculous to think that I couldn't stand in a room with him without my thoughts drifting to all of the lovely pleasures he gave me with his hands, his body...and his tongue... Hmm....

Stop that!

Shit, now would have been an excellent time for him to at least been wearing underwear, but since he rarely wore it, I hadn't thought to include it.

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