Chapter 8 – Inspection

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Chapter 8 – Inspection


"There is no need. I have already seen her naked. She bares no marks of an Immortal," Cage insisted, his eyes dark and stormy.

Armand did not respond, his face cold and impassive . It was clear his instructions were not negotiable. The man next to Armand, Vladimir, leered at me. His entire presence was intimidating. He had a thick chest and arms, and shaved head. His black eyes raked over my body in cruel anticipation.

I shuddered.

He mocked, "Really Cage, was she that good of a fuck, you had to bring her home?"

Tension rolled through Cage's frame.

Vladimir's smile widened at Cage's response and he continued, "Oh well, I guess I will know soon enough."

I went rigid in Cage's arms, fear beating a rhythm through my veins. He couldn't be serious. But somehow, I knew he was deadly serious. I clutched tightly at Cage for protection. To my utter dismay, rather than disagree with the horrid man, Cage carefully set me on my feet, and proceeded to reach for the hem of my shirt, presumably to remove it.

Fury overrode my fear. I clamped a hand down on Cage's wandering fingers and hissed, "I am not stripping!"

He responded coldly, "Do not fight me on this."

I narrowed my eyes and maintained my defensive stance.

"We can do this the easy way or the hard way. Do not make it more difficult than is necessary," Cage responded briskly. Even though his tone was harsh, his back was toward the four men and his eyes pleaded with me to trust him.

I resisted a moment longer, searching for the truth in his expression and then released my hold on his hand. He lifted my shirt over my head. Even though he moved slowly, pain ricocheted through my chest when I raised my arms. I whimpered. From the corner of my eye, the scary vampire, Vladimir, smiled wider, clearly enjoying the sound of my pain.

I shuddered again.

I looked down. Someone had wrapped a makeshift dressing around my chest covering the wound. Cage carefully unwound the material and let it fall to the ground, revealing my upper body. He then reached down and tugged off my blood stained shorts and underwear in one fluid motion. I stepped out of the garments, leaving me completely naked in front of five strange men. Cage stepped away from me, presumably to allow them to look for whatever marks Armand referred to.

I held my arms in front of me, shielding as much of my bare breasts as I could from their view. My hands were clenched into fists.

My stomach dropped when Vladimir stood to his feet and strode toward me. He gripped one of my wrists and forced it away from my body, while his other hand came up to fondle my revealed breast.

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