Chapter dedicated to Currentlynotcrying

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Chapter dedicated to Currentlynotcrying. Thanks for reading and voting! Stay happy, my friend. lol.

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Chapter 117 –Playroom– Raine's POV

I kept my exterior expression perfectly blank. The last thing Talon needed was to be exposed to my stunned reaction. But even though I was calm, cool and collected on the outside, on the inside I was screaming, 'WTF?"

A large apparatus took up one half of the wall across from the bed. There were straps and restraints at various heights and combinations for the purpose of contorting a human body into any possible position.  Several whips and chains hung along the wall. And was that a pulley system? Shit.

More disturbing than the medieval looking contraption and punishment tools on the wall, was what was contained under it – a drain in the tiled floor. The coppery metal scent of blood was faint, but discernible.

I turned away. I didn't want to see anymore. Know anymore. I felt tainted by Seraphine's fetishes and cruelty just looking at the equipment. I inhaled to steady my nerves. My gaze fell on a small bed on the floor. It looked to be the size of a large dog bed, but there was no dog in sight, and this one had a steel cage around it. Talon had said he was Seraphine's favorite, and I had no doubt that was where he had slept. Anger coursed through me, thick and strong. I exhaled and pushed it back. Right now, I needed to focus on the task at hand, so we could get the hell out of here.  I didn't want to spend one minute more than absolutely necessary in this horrific reminder of Talon's suffering.

I turned to ask, "Talon, what photographic evidence are you aware of?"

Talon's teeth ground together and his jaw clenched. Signs he was equally stressed, but he seemed to be holding his own for the moment. He replied, "Her phone, computer and a hand held camera."

Okay, the computer was easy to locate on a nearby desk. I didn't bother with turning the cursed machine on. Instead, I tore the frame apart with my hands and jerked out the hard drive. I drop it onto the cold tile floor and jammed my heel into it. Metal shards exploded out of it as I smashed it into pieces.

When I looked around, I found Talon had already located and dispatched of the camera. It now lay in several unrecognizable plastic components on the floor, alongside the mangled hard drive. Not wanting to leave a trace behind, I asked, "What about the memory disk?"

He opened his palm, revealing what was left of the memory stick...dust. The debris fell through his fingers and floated to the ground. He had ground the plastic down to mere dust with his fingertips.  Shit, he was strong.

That left her phone, but I wasn't going to stop when we found it. Instead, I planned to go through her all of her belongings to make sure we didn't miss anything. I cringed. I wished I'd worn gloves.

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