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Chapter 145 –Just a Taste – Ileana's POV
Just a reminder, we are still in Ileana's POV.

"Will you take us to him?" Felaern asked.

Tavian smirked. "I might be inclined to do so—for the right inducement."

"Of course, dragons never do anything for free," Felaern remarked dryly and then got right to the point. "What do you want, dragon?"

"My price is minimal," Tavian answered Felaern, but his penetrating gaze locked on me, cerulean and emerald glowing orbs with flecks of gold, his black pupil just a thin diamond slit—the  eyes of his dragon, the symbiont creature he shared flesh with.

I shuddered, frozen to the spot, powerless to look away.

His eyes gleamed with wicked intent. "All I require is a taste."

I inhaled sharply. What the hell did that mean?! Did he want to eat me?!  Surely not!

He licked his lips.

Oh fuck.

His grin widened, revealing pearly white teeth.

Felaern followed his line of sight, looking at me, and then turned back to Tavian, before demanding, "Define 'taste'."

Tavian purred, "Her succulent lips...just a kiss."

Adrenaline pounded through my body, making me quiver.

"I cannot answer for the female," Felaern replied with a hard edge.

All eyes turned on me, waiting for a response. Tavian closed the distance to me in three easy strides. His large frame loomed right in front of me with mere inches separating us. If he came any closer, I was going to feel his still-firm manhood pressed against my belly. His head came down, his nose skimming my ear, his breath hot on my neck. "What is your answer?"

I trembled. His closeness was making my brain foggy. Had he asked me something? Yes, his expectant expression seemed to indicate I was supposed to answer now. But for the life of me, I couldn't recall the question. I breathed, "What?"

He chuckled deep in his throat, and brought me back on track. "A kiss from you...in return, I will guide your group to the king as you requested."

Oh that's right, I remembered now. A kiss. Heat crept up my spine, making the tiny hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I swallowed hard, my lips suddenly parched. Did I want to kiss the naked, decadent specimen of a male in front of me? Well, that answer was easy—fuck yes, yes I did. I consented, "Okay."

He gave a low rumble of approval, his hands grasping my hips as he stepped closer.

And there went the last bit of space between my lower body and his.

I gasped, feeling his desire pressed hard against me. His ebony black wings unfurled from his back and wrapped around our bodies, blocking out our audience. The timbre of his voice dropped low for my ears only. A husky invitation, "Feel free to touch anything you desire."

Sparks shot up and down my spine, leaving my skin tingling. My fingers twitched, the temptation to satisfy my curiosity almost too much to contain. I was dying to know what he felt like. But still I hesitated.

"Go on," he purred. He pulled away just a little, still keeping us encased in the privacy of his wings, to give me full access to reach every part of him. I looked down. His cock twitched, the rounded head glistening with his desire.

I could resist no longer.  My hand came up slowly. I lightly touched the ridges that ran along the top of his shaft—firm, but pliable scales—meant to provide untold pleasure for a female. Instinctively, my thumb wrapped around the velvety, smooth underside, my hand closing into a fist.

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