Chapter 66 –I Want to Watch– Raine's POV

"Good girl," he purred. One of his hands wound up to the base of my neck, his fingers entwined in my hair to keep me where he wanted me, while the pressure of his mouth against my skin became firmer, more demanding.

He trailed kisses along my shoulders and down to the ridges of my breasts, leaving my skin on fire along his chosen path. My head fell back, surrendering more of my flesh to him, a moan escaping from my lips. Images of pleasure to come, flooded my brain, his body on top of mine.  Teasing. Touching. Dominating. What could he do with his hands? His mouth?  I clenched my thighs together.

I wanted his touch, wanted his dominance, wanted to writhe beneath him. A cool breeze from the northeast washed over our bodies, leaving goosebumps along my heated flesh. The sensory diversion brought me back to reality. We were outside, on a balcony.  Anyone could be within listening distance. I pushed my palms against his chest, but he was immovable. I whispered, my voice coming out breathy and high, "Wait! What if someone hears us?"

His lips pulled into a wicked grin, his eyes dancing with feigned innocence, "Are you planning on making noise, love? You could always try to be quiet. Because we are not moving from this spot, not until I have tasted you from top to bottom."

I shuddered hard, electricity sparking down my spine. I bit down on my lip trying to contain my response, but couldn't stop the mewl of desire that escaped my throat.

He grinned wider.

Damn him.

His head came back down to my flesh, and I realized how much he had held back the other night. His touch then had been gentle and calm. Now, was a shockingly different story altogether. Now, he was calculating and purposeful, dominant and in control.




I panted hard, and clawed at his shoulders, arms and neck in a desperate attempt to pull him closer. My pussy vibrated with need and my breasts ached, feeling heavy and full. But he wouldn't relent. Wouldn't touch me where I wanted it most. Instead, he continued to tease my flesh unmercifully, causing pleasure to build and build inside of me.

I squirmed restlessly, and finally cried out, "Alaric...please!" Screw it. I no longer cared if anyone could hear me. I just wanted to come. I couldn't believe I was begging him already.

He growled in deep satisfaction at my response, and then said huskily, "Anything you want is yours. But I get to decide how and when."

At this point, I was strung so tight, I didn't really care how he accomplished it, and pleaded shamelessly, "I want to come! Please...make me come!"

His pupils dilated completely, swirling dark and dangerous. I wasn't prepared for his response when he growled, "How many times?"

Anticipation crashed hard through me. I stared at him with wide eyes.

He smirked. "Lift."

Instantly, I lifted so that he could pull my dress up my body and over my head. I wasn't sure the garment could even be referred to as a dress because it was basically a see-through sheer black covering that didn't hide the exotic and revealing lingerie I was wearing beneath it.

Once I was free of the garment, Alaric slid down between my legs, kneeling on the ground in front of me. Fire shot through my abdomen as he stared at my scantily clad sex and licked his lips as if he was preparing for a feast.

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