Chapter 11 – If That Is What It Takes


I came to awareness slowly, stretched my body from head to toe and opened my eyes. Immediately, adrenaline shot through me as I took in the unfamiliar bedroom – it wasn't all a dream!

I snapped my head to each side, scanning the room for Cage. He was nowhere to be found. Shit, now what should I do? I slipped out of the bed. I was not about to walk around naked, so I snatched the top sheet from the bed and wrapped it around me. I remembered where the bathroom was and made my way across the room. After I peed, I dropped the sheet and studied myself in the mirror. The wound in my chest was almost healed. Anxiety wound through me. How was that even possible?

Suddenly, a woman's voice said, "Hello Miss, I am glad to see you are awake."

I yelped in surprise, grabbed the sheet to recover myself and spun around to face her. Her eyes were wide as she rushed, "I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to startle you! I thought you knew I was here." She twisted her hands together and looked down.

Her demeanor confused me. She looked as if she were afraid of me. I reassured her, "No, it's perfectly fine."

She exhaled in relief and gave me a small smile. "My name is Ella. I will be attending to you."

"I'm Raine. It's nice to meet you. What do you mean by 'attending' to me?"

"Oh, I will be taking care of your needs," she explained and pointed to a basket of toiletries on the counter. "Master Micage has already had some things delivered for you. Once you are finished here, I will show you around."

I nodded as she slipped out. I turned back toward the basket and was thrilled to find a toothbrush and toothpaste included amongst lotions, soaps and even a hairbrush. After I finished with my teeth, I ran the brush through my now unruly locks. I stepped out of the bathroom. Ella stood patiently waiting for me. I looked at her closer. She was young, my age or younger. She had a round face, caramel colored hair and pretty hazel eyes. But most surprisingly, she looked human.

She must have registered my surprise because she bit her lip. "What is it? Have I done something wrong?"

"Oh no! I was just surprised, that's all. Are you human?"

Her face relaxed. "Yes."

I couldn't help my next question. "Why are you here?"

She answered as she walked into the next room, "I work here."

I followed her and was thrilled again. This time to find an assortment of food arranged at the table. She continued, "Would you like to eat or tour first?"

My belly growled in response. I grinned sheepishly and sank into a chair. I selected some fruit and a blueberry muffin. I motioned to the chair next to me. "Please sit and eat with me. There is way more food than just for one person."

Her eyes widened in surprise. "Oh no, I couldn't do that!" She settled onto the couch in the middle of the room to wait for me.

"But why would you work here?"  Surely, she had to know her employers were vampires.

She answered, "I am fortunate to be employed. Most humans are used as a food source or pets. And they pay well, particularly now that I am assigned to you."

I gaped at her words. Her features transformed into alarm again as she realized I was not already privy to some of her answer.

"Food source?"

"I shouldn't have said that..." her voice trembled, near tears.

I forced my shock under control, so that I could comfort her, "No, it's okay that you told me."

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