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Chapter 96 – Good Boy – Felaern's POV

Getting through Quinn's security had gone as expected. It was clear they had very specific orders upon my arrival. Anxiety pebbled their expressions and a flurry of activity ensued as a large group of guards suddenly appeared to 'escort' me to the conference room.

I smirked. Oh yes, Quinn definitely expected me.

When I breached the doorway, I found the conference room to also be exactly as I had expected. Quinn stood toward the back with several of his guard strategically around him, while Alaric stood off to the side.

Alaric's posture was stiff, and his hands clenched into fists, as he walked to stand about five feet in front of me. He didn't extend any sort of greeting. Instead, he just held his ground between his father and me, and waited.

While his loyalty to his blood was commendable, he had to realize it was an impossible effort, which would only lead to his own demise. I was aware of Raine's great affection for him, so would rather not kill him if possible. In an effort to sway his course, I kept his hard gaze and spoke pointedly, "You are naïve if you think you can beat me."

He replied through gritted teeth, "I am no fool. However, while our opinion on the matter may agree, I will not just stand by and allow you to take his life."

Again, admirable. He planned to fight me, even though he readily admitted he knew he couldn't win, all in the name of honor for his father's life. I tried a different tactic. Maybe he would be willing to step aside if he knew I did not have lethal intention. I clarified, "On that count, you have no worries, because Queen Raine has already secured his continued existence, when she begged me not to kill him."

Alaric hesitated and his stance relaxed ever so slightly.

Quinn hissed, "Then what the fuck are your intentions?"

I smiled wickedly at him. "Simple. I am here to exact earned punishment. Surely, you of all people would understand that."

"I do not answer to you," he replied through clenched teeth. "Alaric, show our guest out."

My eyes narrowed at his foolishness. "You would condemn your son to a battle you know he cannot win, and with a high potential it will cost him his life? And for what gain? Just to prolong the inevitable? Your punishment will happen. And the harder you make it for me, the more severe penalty I will inflict."

Truthfully, I hoped he wouldn't give in to me easily. I wanted a fight. But not with Alaric.

Ignoring my comments, Quinn tried to talk his way out of it, "I was not aware of your protection over her. If I had been, I never would have touched her."

Anger flared through me and I reminded him coldly, "Raine ran away because of facts she was not aware of as well. And did you grant her any leniency for her ignorance?"

He ground his teeth together, knowing I spoke the truth.

"Your choice is simple. You can accept your punishment and preserve the safety of your guard and son. Or you can resist, and incur any number of casualties."

At some unknown signal, the idiot actually ordered an attack, and about twenty of his guards surged forward. Alaric's head spun around in surprise as they approached from behind him. It was clear he didn't expect their advance. Likely because he knew how foolish it was.

No matter. I was in the mood to kill anyway.

Alaric was still closest to me, so before he could even turn back around, I hurled him across the room. I wanted him out of the way, and hoped he would stay there.

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