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Chapter 150 - The Power of Love - Raine's POV

"Don't let your head go beneath the water!" the command was barked out. I caught Felaern's penetrating gaze, his eyes glowing white. I understood what he meant. If I slipped back under the water, I wouldn't remember what I was doing. I kicked forward with my feet. I was getting closer to the bank.

Abruptly, Killian and Orian swooped into the air and hovered above me. Killian reached down and gripped Cage under his armpits. He lifted him out of my arms. I cried out, "Be careful! Lay him on his stomach!"

Killian gave me a hard nod and flew with Cage's body to the nearby grass. Orian was waiting for me next. I held my hands up. His sure grasp clasped mine. With a few beats of his wings, he pulled me from the water and I was dropped right next to Cage. My chest heaved as I tried to catch my breath. My lungs burned. They expanded and contracted painfully, as though the air felt foreign to them. I clutched Cage's lifeless hand, my fingers intertwined with his. His skin felt cold. I rubbed his skin briskly, trying to bring warmth back into his body.

Felaern sat on his knees across from me on the other side of Cage. His face was contorted, his brows knitted together, as he examined his wounds. Fear coursed through me. I didn't have to ask. I knew Cage's injuries were bad, and the look of dread in Felaern's eyes confirmed it.

He had already torn the remaining scraps of Cage's shirt completely off, so that his entire back lay exposed. His hands hovered over Cage's back. Brialle was at his side, also kneeling, her hands hovering over his wounds as well.

Minutes went by. Excruciatingly. Slowly. Felaern's head dropped low like it was too heavy to hold up, his shoulders hunched forward. Strange words fell from his lips, uttered in the air over Cage's ravaged flesh. Chanting. Commanding. Brialle echoing words of her own, not the same, but yet, they flowed together, synchronicity.

Everyone else was deathly silent. No movement, no sound. My eyes finally began to take in my surroundings. I noticed for the first time that Felaern wore different clothing than what I had seen him in before. My heart dropped. That meant I had been gone longer than a day. But how long?

Stroking Cage's flesh, not wanting to be separated from him for even a moment, my glance shot up to see Talon standing a few feet behind Felaern. I sucked in a deep breath, shocked by his appearance. His chest was bare. The muscles rippled with tension, his veins corded and protruding through his skin. His unwavering gaze held mine in its grip while silent tears fell down his cheeks. But what startled me the most was his face—he had grown a full beard!

No, no, no....

My stomach churned in a pit, fluttering with butterflies. It would have taken him weeks to grow his beard to that length! Was it possible I had been gone for several weeks or maybe even more? I couldn't refute it. The answer was undeniably yes. Again, I anguished over the question—how long had they waited for me? I shook my head, trying to clear my thoughts. As much as I wanted the answer, the question would have to wait for now.

I turned my head. Orian and Scynth both stood solemnly next to Killian who had his hands clenched into fists, tension radiating through his body. On my other side, I was surprised to find King Morenth and Ileana standing next to Tavian.

What were they doing here?

The King's body was angled toward Ileana. She faced away from him. Her posture was stiff, but her eyes were soft when they met mine. I couldn't speak.

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