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An alpha with a mute mate. by ishaebalampu
An alpha with a mute Prettysunsets
Aviana was raised in a city by a small family. It started with her mother, father, big brother and her. Now it's just her and her father. Knowing nothing about the smal...
BDSM Academy by girly_pineapple
BDSM Academyby girly_pineapple
"I want you to be mine," "What if I dont want to be yours?" *************** Ava Tyler is the only little at the school who belongs to herself. The...
Sufferings (swasan ss)[Completed] by mars_111
Sufferings (swasan ss)[Completed]by mars_111
#39 in short stories on 14/08/2017 The story describes the life of a girl who is suffering in her in laws.She is not confident and that is the reason her husband always...
Iridescent- Mature 18+ Short Stories by Rexicity
Iridescent- Mature 18+ Short 🦄
18+, Mature readers only! Sexual and explicit content. Here are some short, seriously hot and steamy stories based on my fantasies and sexual experiences. Tell me what...
Arranged   by simplymaddii_
Arranged by simplymaddii_
"There are rules!you must follow them!"he yells making me jump back "What if I don't"I barely whisper yet he was able to hear me perfectly fine and...
The Obedient Submissive by clojo214
The Obedient Submissiveby clojo 21
she was his, her mind, her soul, her body, her pussy, was all his to enjoy and she likes it that way, he controls everything and that's how she likes it
Shy, Scared, and Weak. I'm the Alpha's Mate. by D_Nichole
Shy, Scared, and Weak. I'm the D_Nichole
When you live your life in fear how will you turn out? Jillian Sadem might be an Alpha's daughter, but social anxiety runs her life. She always looks over her shoulder...
~Their girl~ On Hold by Ricecake653
~Their girl~ On Holdby Ricecake653
"Now fuckin count." He said with a slap to my ass. I whimpered in protest, I didn't want to fuckin submit to these rude fuckers , But I had to because nobody w...
Lost | Tom Riddle ✔ by _nomad_
Lost | Tom Riddle ✔by नोमॅड
"Sweetheart, you are the badger, I am the snake, but in this chase, I am the predator and you are my prey." With that he moulded their lips together, sealing...
Yes sir... by cabbex
Yes cabbex
"Loose the fucking attitude baby, before I force it out of you." He says with a sharp smack on my ass. "Try me." I scoff. Sadie Williams... A young m...
good girl - m.p by leaboo78
good girl - m.pby lea
just a random book with a sad ending
A Reason to love Him  by Fex_Boss
A Reason to love Him by Fex_Boss
"Please, I beg you... Please don't", I pleaded and held his hand from continuing to pull down my underwear. Why is he doing this? Why is he torturing me? "...
Pretty princess (ddlg) by b_johns_
Pretty princess (ddlg)by Brianna_johns
"Do you want daddy to be jealous all day while watching boys gawk over your gorgeous body? Getting hard in there pants when I'm the only one that is allowed be hard...
Lone Wolf (EDITING) by IolaJones
Lone Wolf (EDITING)by Iola Jones
Cover by Ashtonlirwin Seren had a rough start. As a child, she was the runt of her pack before the system took her away from her parents and sent her to live with Ian...
Feral Blood by Sufferance
Feral Bloodby Sufferance
She was born of werewolf and wolf; her mother had committed the ultimate taboo... and now she was to pay the consequences. She is untameable- she does not submit to any...
brat  by angelinazvi
brat by angelinazvi
just a short little seggsy scene i want to happen in the future. Sorry for typos. Creds to the wattpad story "Ace" by XdailydolanX
His Rules Remain by amndasingletary
His Rules Remainby Amanda Singletary
He leaned down very slowly and my eyes fell to his lips before snapping back up. He gently pressed his lips against mine, moving slowly at first before he began to deepe...
The Loner And His Bully by thatweirdotakubitch
The Loner And His Bullyby thatweirdotakubitch
ONGOING A sad nerd and a arrogant Jock who's his bully, he cuts but nobody knows, what happens when said Jock and his friends find him in the bathroom washing new freshl...
One Night With The Alpha |18+✔ by SerenityR0se
One Night With The Alpha |18+✔by K. A. Young
[COMPLETED]✔ Short Story of The Deliverance Series --⊰♥⊱-- Is a mate worth having, if it's the tie to an omega? Survival The primal need within all species to live, a d...
Human She Was {UNDER CONSTRUCTION} by Maddyrolls10179
Human She Was {UNDER CONSTRUCTION}by Maddy
"You only hurt those that get close to you, you use them" He only chuckled. "To get what I want? Yes...yes I do" ~ Claire Westbrook was the daughte...