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Chapter 112 – Follow Through – Raine's POV

Marku's eyes swirled with feral desire, his pupils fully dilated, relentless and calculating as he climbed up my body. I only had seconds to stop him before he thrust his cock into me and my life as I knew it would end.

I wouldn't let that happen!

My head was clear. Crimson bled into my eyes and I shoved him hard against his chest. A snarl ripped from my throat, "Stop!"

I wasn't strong enough to push him back. The muscles in his broad chest flexed and bowed, their veins even more prominent. But the force of my reaction was enough to make him pause. His heated gaze bore into me, gauging my reaction to see if I was serious or just making stupid lust filled utterances again. I glared, wishing I could cut my tongue out when I remembered my words earlier. I was angry with him, but furious with myself. To confirm my absolute clarity on the matter, I snapped again, "Get off of me!"

His stormy eyes narrowed and he leaned back.

I scrambled to pull myself out from beneath him, my bare bottom rubbing against the course cushion in my haste. He must have believed the resolution he saw in my features, because he carefully repositioned himself and closed his pants. Truthfully, I had no idea how he accomplished it. He wasn't small by any means. I was just thankful he had. I didn't want his naked cock anywhere near me.

I snatched my shirt, and yanked it over my head, before gathering my shorts and shoving my legs through. When I was finally covered again, I drew in a deep breath through my nose to steady my nerves. I had done it, I had stopped him. But it had been close...way too close.

Images of the last twenty minutes poured through my mind in a jumbled mess. What the hell happened?! Marku returned to a seated position on the large couch-bed next to me. I turned to face him, pulled my legs up to my chest, and wrapped my arms around my knees. My voice cracked just a little as I demanded, "Did you spike my drink?"

His eyebrows shot up at my accusation and then disgust colored his tone, "No...I have more skill and honor than that. I hate to tell you, but your arousal...your response to me...that was all you."

How was that possible?

I had been mentally prepared this time. I knew what he would do and how it would feel, and thought I was ready to withstand the physical pleasure. So why had it felt ten times better than before?! I did not desire him in the least, but I couldn't seem to quell my physical reactions.

He licked his lips, and his eyes danced mischievously.

Oh shit. He may not have spiked the wine, but he definitely knew something I didn't. Chagrin washed over me when I realized I was staring at him with my mouth hanging open. I snapped it shut and waited.

"Didn't your mate mention was happens to newly transformed vampires...all of the heightened emotions, desires?" he purred.

Of course! How could I not have put two and two together? Everything was simply more after being turned. But still, the force of my reaction had been stunning.

The glint in Marku's eyes brightened as he continued, "And you see...I happen to know that a bloodline vampire feels even more, some might say to an extreme. We are entirely more sexed than even a normal vampire. Interesting enough, our sexual desires seem to grow and magnify over time, not cool down. It is the reason you keep coming back to me. Your body knows I can satisfy you like no other."

I couldn't help it, my mouth dropped open again. He really was delusional. And then the truth of the matter was crystal clear. I might not be able to tell him no! I could still recall the hurricane force of my physical reaction. My brain had barely won out.

A fact he knew when we made the deal!

I gasped, "You tricked me!"

His lips curled into a wide grin. "I did no such thing. I never lied to you. The mistake I made was letting you come tonight. It won't happen again. Tomorrow, I am going to make your sexy little body beg me for release."

I stared wide-eyed, not doubting his threat.


The next day dawned, granting me additional clarity. I had had sort of an epiphany during the night. A revelation. With it, came the beginnings of a plan. It wasn't solid in my brain yet, but there was potential. Unfortunately, it would be damn difficult to pull off. A shocking number of factors would have to come into play for it to work, but I didn't have a choice...I needed to stack the deck in our favor.

Marku had committed to releasing me if I denied him, and I almost thought he believed he could hold up his side of the bargain, if I won. But when the time came, I wasn't convinced he could force himself to let me walk away, or if his obsession with me would win out in the end.

If he couldn't let go, it meant a fight. A bloody one. It was impossible to think we could all make it out alive. Some would die. Certainly Cage, Echo and his men. They were contained in cells with no way to fend off a weapons assault. It would be like shooting fish in a barrel. And I wasn't willing to sacrifice any. Especially not Cage.

I would utilize every resource I had. Marku had allowed Tobias and Talon to stay by my side, and there were York and his men. But the key to our success would be keeping Marku occupied. I needed the perfect diversion, guaranteeing Cage and Echo enough time to free themselves. I gritted my teeth. There was only one thing sufficient to divert Marku – me. And only one way to keep his attention for hours...I just hoped when the time came, I could follow through...

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