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Chapter 16 – Methods



Before I had time to even stand to my feet, Vladimir rounded the corner into the bedroom. I froze. He stopped and stared at me for a long moment while I sat on the edge of the bed. Then his steely gaze swept around the room slowly, ending at me again. He licked his lips and murmured almost too quietly for me to hear, "You must be a good fuck, for him to go to this length to keep you all to himself."

I had no intention of responding to that, so remained silent.

"Let's go," he demanded.

Every self-preservation instinct in my body resisted getting an inch closer to him, let alone following him blindly to a destination of his choosing. I shook my head and spat, "I'm not going anywhere with you!"

I expected his anger, so was surprised when his eyes lit up with excitement. He purred, "That's perfectly fine. Just know when you disobey a direct order of the High Council, of which I am a member by the way, you are no longer held in protection. You are free game to anyone—including me."

I listened to him in horror. The cruel anticipation in his expression told me he wasn't bluffing. My heart beat accelerated. I felt tiny beads of sweat on my neck as I stood rigidly to my feet.

A condescending smile grew on his lips. "That's better. See you are learning already, although, I would have had you well-trained by now."

I shuddered hard, knowing he was referring to his desire to make me into his pet. My legs felt like blocks of wood as I followed him out of Cage's suites without saying a word.

We walked along several corridors. He glanced over his shoulder at me, his tone thick with lust and suggestion. "We will be walking quite a distance. I would be happy to carry you, if you like. You may find you enjoy being in my arms as much as his—or even more."

I stifled a laugh. I wanted to tell him there wasn't a snowball's chance in hell that I would ever want to be in his arms, but suspected he wouldn't respond very well to that little bit of honesty. Instead, I replied stiffly, "I don't think so."

He chuckled, "As you wish."

Twenty minutes later, I recognized the large doors ahead—the Council room! Fear caused a cold pit in my stomach. I slowed my step. Meeting with the Council and Armand again, was the very last thing I wanted to do.  There was no way Cage would have agreed to have Vladimir collect and bring me to the Council without him. Had something happened to him?  I worked to keep my voice steady. "Where is Cage?"

Vladimir mocked, "The Prince? Oh, he will be along shortly."

Shit, was I supposed to be referring to Cage as the Prince or His Highness? He hadn't asked me to, but maybe it was expected protocol.

We walked through the grand double doors. My breath whooshed out of my lungs and I shuddered hard, the room was a horrible reminder of what I went through during their inspection of me. Vladimir led me to the exact spot I had stood last time. He left me there and went to sit down. The other three council members were already in attendance, including Armand.

I trembled.

Cage was nowhere to be seen. I feared their intentions without his protection. Suddenly, a side door opened and Cage walked in! I exhaled in relief. But when he saw me, his expression turned to fury, it was clear he hadn't expected me to be here. Shit.

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