Alpha Legend by BadMoonRises
Alpha Legendby Unknown
The story of two werewolves falling in love. An extremely powerful Alpha and an Alpha's daughter who just happen to be mates. With fate trying to bring them together and...
  • babies
  • drama
  • beta
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King by patrice48
Kingby Patrice48
Supernaturals take over the planet and make humans slaves. The main character is the Alpha King''s mate ,and the only reason he keeps her is to ease his wolf. This isn't...
  • bwwm
  • bestfriend
  • best
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Rejected By Gamma Koby  by loveunikornmagenta
Rejected By Gamma Koby by loveunikornmagenta
Scarlet Peters the first child of the werewolf's king and queen and next to be queen was sent by her father to find her mate, straight forward you would think?, well no...
  • hybrid
  • alphakingchild
  • demon
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Three Alphas, Three Mates by FallingIn
Three Alphas, Three Matesby Shanice Felix
In which a human, seventeen year old high school girl named Mia meets the love... I mean, loves(?) of her life? The male triplets who seem to almost own the town she's m...
  • threemates
  • threealphas
  • teen
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He's Ours (mxmxm) by Shelsky27
He's Ours (mxmxm)by Red27
What do you do when you're a straight 17 year old boy who finds out he's mated to a male alpha werewolf and a male vampire prince. Not to mention uncovering a secret tha...
  • generalfiction
  • malexmalexmale
  • mpreg
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The Marking by beautifullybrutal
The Markingby 🐥
*Completed* *Unedited* With every step he took towards me, I took one back until I hit the edge of his bed. A deep growl rumbled from his throat and I tried to make myse...
  • rogue
  • beta
  • mate
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My Possessive Alpha Grayson by _dolansbaes_
My Possessive Alpha Graysonby s a t a n
Amanda Winters. Alpha's daughter, trained to be cold and bold. She spent all her life living in a strict environment. She was not used to anything that was emotional Th...
  • wattys2018
  • drama
  • dolantwins
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Alpha Logan by shyannmenard
Alpha Loganby BookWifey
"Logan..." I breathed out. Logan pinned me against his wall and his eyes glowed. His wolf is coming out. Crap crap crap. He kissed down my cheek bone till he...
  • action
  • dirty
  • badboy
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Her Wolf Alpha by Kaylawide
Her Wolf Alphaby KayNishell~Koray
A girl and her beloved dog... Or should I say wolf- werewolf? Highest Ranking: #1 in Death; #36 in Werewolf: #4 in Wolf *COMPLETED* Katlyn's life changes when she adopt...
  • help
  • mature
  • katlyn
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Last Chance by Klarissa11
Last Chanceby Klarissa
When I found out he was my mate I knew he wouldn't leave her for me...I just hoped. She was beautiful and sweet and not in the fake kind of way either. He was the future...
  • wattys2018
  • jealousy
  • romance
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My Twin Mates by Speech_error
My Twin Matesby Speech_error
Flicker never wanted a mate, especially an alpha one. She strongly believes that with an alpha mate, she would lose all her freedom and independence, two things that she...
  • luna
  • mate
  • werewolves
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Monachopsis by ElaineAbbott
Monachopsisby Elaine Abbott
"I don't care about you as much as I care about her." His eyes narrowed in hatred for me, hatred because I wasn't my sister. "This isn't how the mate bon...
  • love
  • beta
  • alpha
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Rejected To Feared Rogue by silversapphire204
Rejected To Feared Rogueby Silver
Revising/editing by @mayneisntokay Under construction Adrianna Flame was underestimated. Her pack bullies her, they think she is weak, fat, and ugly. She is consider a n...
  • nerd
  • pain
  • love
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One Suicidal, the Other Uncaring ♛ by IceSky_
One Suicidal, the Other Uncaring ♛by ♛
The lowest of the low in Nightmoon pack, Lily Heart is pained, broken and abused, over and over again. Day after day, she has thoughts of self-harm and thoughts of endin...
  • rejection
  • selfharm
  • bloodlust
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The Alpha's Expectations (#1) by penguinlover4life
The Alpha's Expectations (#1)by Sweta
Hudson doesn't really want a mate, but he knows he'll have one regardless of what he wants. So he decides that before he accepts her, she has to meet his expectations...
  • possessive
  • hot
  • forgive
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Moon Warrior by fatimina1101
Moon Warriorby Fatima Badaoui
[COMPLETED] Skylar James is a werewolf, she is the third and last daughter of the beta family. She has been very special since bird she always had this dangerous and pow...
  • moon-goddess
  • abused
  • mate
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Second Chance For A Warrior  by KasaiTheQueen19
Second Chance For A Warrior by Miss Kaz
"How do I know you won't reject me as well?" I reply, staring at the handsome Alpha who has somehow made it past my walls. He reaches a hand towards me, gently...
  • alpha
  • romance
  • secondchancemate
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Running  by Nianni_m
Running by Nianni_m
" I'll kill you, even if it's the last thing I do. I promise you that Lianna. " she said coldly meaning every word of what she just said. "No matter how...
  • paranormal
  • mystery
  • protective
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Nerdy to Badass Werewolf [#Wattys2017] by Amb3rmart1ns
Nerdy to Badass Werewolf [ Someone Named Amber
Editing at the moment _____________________________________ Book 1 of Rejection Series ____________________________________ Skylar Maine was always bullied in her school...
  • badass
  • friendship
  • romance
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Alpha King   by karismaparveen
Alpha King by karishma parveen
HIGHEST RANKING #1 in Luna. #1 in whitewolf. #85 in Werewolf. #28 in thriller. Lara o'cornell is Alpha Dominic's daughter. The Alpha who has the 5th most strongest and...
  • featured
  • mate
  • billionaire
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