Photos Above: Raine, Cage, Kieran

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Photos Above: Raine, Cage, Kieran

To all my RE-READERS:  Give a shout out to the first-timers to let them know how much you liked the book and how many TIMES you have read it.  Honestly, it amazes me how frequently so many of you read the book over and over.  Also, remember NOT to give any SPOILERS.  I know it can be tough because some of the events are shocking as fuck, but let's make sure the first-timers get to experience the book to its fullest potential.  Much love, Peaches!!!            

Chapter 1 – Playing With Fire


The crowd was worked into a frenzied chaos. Alcohol, bad decisions and a promise of future regret were pretty much foregone conclusions.

It was just what I needed to let off a little steam.

"Armand is going to be pissed if you fuck up the Treaty," Kieran, always the voice of reason, spoke from behind me, as we made our way through the mass of people. Our treaty with the hunters had held strong for the past six months. We stayed off of their territory and they kept a safe distance from ours.

Tonight we were on common ground.

Even if we happened upon hunters, I doubted they would provoke me. They knew my status with the Vampire King, Armand. He created me many centuries ago. I was the Prince, heir to the throne. I found the title pretentious and unnecessary, but alas, tradition was a hard thing to break.

Reaching the bar, I ordered and turned to face Kieran. "Really Kieran, it's just a drink. How much trouble could I get into?" I asked, already knowing he was going to call bullshit on my response.

He didn't disappoint. His eyebrows rose is disbelief. "Do you really want me to itemize all of your past indiscretions? Because I am not certain eternity is enough time to sufficiently do them justice."

Natalia laughed, the sound bubbling from her throat, her chocolate brown eyes dancing mischievously. She was just as eager to lose herself in the moment, and let the night take her where it desired. Kieran frowned. "Talia, don't encourage him."

She opened her sable irises wide and pouted playfully. "I'm hurt you would think such a thing of me."

He rolled his eyes at her transparent feigned innocence, but his expression softened. I smirked. She had him wrapped around her little finger. The bartender slid a glass in my direction and I caught it with ease. Finally, maybe I could relax.

However, my plans for a normal evening of carousing, satiating my thirst, and maybe a touch of frolicking with one or possibly two willing participants, went radically haywire because just as I brought the drink to my lips, I caught the scent.

A hiss escaped through my teeth. Every muscle in my body locked down, rigid and tight, straining against the confines of my clothing.

It wasn't possible.

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