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Chapter dedicated to morriswifeyy. You are super awesome for reading and voting!

Chapter 113 – Madeline – Raine's POV

"My Queen?" Talon murmured, interrupting my silent musings.

I spun to face him.

"We should go." His eyes were tight, worry and concern evident in the lines of his brow.

He was right, of course. Undoubtedly, Marku had plans for me...sooner rather than later, unfortunately. I cringed. I needed to check on Tobias and my pet, before my day of crazy began. I stepped past Talon, and strode out the door, making my way down the long hallway toward Tobias' temporary abode.

There was silence behind me, not even a single footfall could be heard, but I knew Talon was close. He had taken to strategically positioning his body around mine, something like the Moon in relationship to the Earth. A constant orbit of protection. I wasn't sure if he even recognized he was doing it.

Upon reaching the room, Talon slid ahead to open the door. He waited while I walked through, and closed it behind us, the knob engaging with a subtle click. The room was similar in size and décor to Talon's. A massive stone fireplace commanded the eye of all who dared entrance. It was surrounded by a royal court of sleek yet warm contemporary furniture, the most remarkable of which, was a noble bisque couch crafted in rich leather with precision tufted back and arms. The entire piece floated off the ground in a curved stainless steel frame, and made a respectable attempt to compete for attention, in the hearth dominant room.

Seraphine was curled at the bottom of her cage, staring aimlessly at the wall. Just as I expected.

It was Tobias who shocked me.

He sat reclined on the grand couch, with a scantily clad female nestled in his lap. One of his arms was locked around her waist to keep her in place, while the other wrapped around her back, his fingers tangled in her hair, holding her head at the angle he preferred – and his fangs deep in her neck.

It wasn't so much the sight of him feeding that startled me, but the fragrant scent that accompanied it – her unmistakable arousal, musky and sweet, filled the room. It was so strong, Talon's nostrils flared by my side. Seraphine snapped to life upon hearing Talon, her head whipping around to stare at him intently.

Tobias' gaze met mine and he jumped to his feet, taking the small human with him. She squealed at his unexpected maneuver, and dug the fingers of her right hand into his arm, while her left hand fisted the front of his shirt tightly, trying to maintain some semblance of balance, as he held her in mid-air with one arm.  "I apologize, My Lady, I did not expect you for another thirty minutes!"

I had recovered from my initial shock and assured him quickly, "No, it's fine, please sit. I just wasn't expecting it. Of course, you need to eat."

Tobias sank back down onto the couch, pulling her with him. She panted softly. I wasn't sure if her struggle to breathe was related more to the shock of his sudden movement or the fact that she was again intimately close to his private parts.  If he shared her desire, feeling his hard cock under her butt certainly wouldn't help slow her arousal.

He averted his eyes and explained, "I cannot feed without affecting her in such a manner. But I swear I have not touched her!" His gaze found mine again, wide and transparent, allowing me to see the truth of his claim.

I didn't doubt his words. Just one look at her was proof he hadn't given her any relief. Even with me in the room and their previous shuffle, she couldn't help squirming in his lap, no doubt rubbing herself against his erection.

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