Chapter 84 – Shall We Begin? – Raine's POV

This time, absolutely everyone in the room gasped, including me.

But in the next second, my eyes frantically searched for Cage. When I found him, his gaze was already locked onto mine and his expression was radiant!

My heart thundered in my chest.

His expression of sheer joy was the confirmation I needed.

We could be together now!!

It took everything in me not to run to him and throw myself in his arms. My attention was brought back to the conversation, when Armand asked incredulously, "Are you telling me that Raine is a twin?!"

Brialle answered simply, "Yes."

Her words finally registered. I had a sister...A twin sister! The thought was mind-boggling. I had gone through my entire life feeling utterly alone. And now, not only was I standing in a room with my mother and father, but I had a twin sister somewhere in the world.

"Wait! Before we go any farther, are there any other children I am not aware of?!" Armand demanded.

"No," she replied, obviously trying to contain a smile.

"Where is she...My other daughter...Is she with you?!"

For a minute, devastation hovered over me and threatened to crush me in its grip, as I waited for her response. I wasn't sure how I would handle knowing she had left me, but kept my sister.

She answered softly, "No, I gave her back to you years ago."

"What the fuck does that mean?!" he hissed, his frustration evident.

Brialle explained calmly, "When I delivered her, it was clear she was a natural born vampire, and carried the royal crest of my bloodline, Isolde. However, Felaern explained to me that your crest materialized on Raine when she drank your blood, so we anticipate the same will be true for her sister. We could test that theory now if you like..."

Armand's eyes opened wide and he breathed, "She's here?!"

Felaern moved to the side and it was the first time I noticed Talia had come into the room. She appeared shell-shocked as she stepped out from behind Felaern and stood next to Brialle.


Holy shit!!

Alaric inhaled sharply next to me.

My glance cut to his. He was staring at Talia in wonder and disbelief. I smiled. I suspected he was going to find himself finally mating out of love, not just duty, after all. And knowing it was Talia, made everything much easier, because I was confident she would take care of him.

The revelation washed over me again.

Talia was my twin sister!

Obviously we were fraternal twins, not identical, but as she stood next to our mother, their resemblance was quite obvious. They both shared the same dark hair and eyes. I had Armand's blue eyes, but that was about it in the way of physical similarities.

Armand nodded Talia forward. She walked to him hesitantly. When she reached him, he held out his wrist. Her eyes widened. It was evident she had never anticipated biting the King. She brought his wrist to her mouth and sank her fangs into his flesh. They maintained eye-contact while she drank. When he nodded, she withdrew.

He commanded, "Remove your shirt."

She slipped it over her head, leaving her in her bra, so that her right bicep and chest area were visible. Alaric's grip on my hand tightened when her top came off. I smirked. I didn't think he even realized he did it.

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