Pic above: Felaern

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Pic above: Felaern

Chapter dedicated to Cuppycakelol1. Its awesome to see you here, my friend! Thanks for reading, Voting and commenting!

Chapter 19 – Felaern, the Fae King


My nerves were shot, overrun by the excitement running rampant through me. I twisted my hands together and shifted my weight from one foot to the other as I stood, fidgeting impatiently.

"Ella, what is taking so long?" I whined.

She giggled from inside of my closet. "Just one more minute, Miss. I almost have everything prepared."

I paced.

"Okay," she called.

I darted forward into the closet to find a gorgeous gown hanging gloriously in preparation for the ball tonight!

I gasped and came to an abrupt halt, trying to take in the beauty of the dress and catch my breath at the same time. Cage had selected it, and hadn't let me see it before now. But he had assured me I would love it. He wasn't wrong. The color was a shocking deep crimson. It was strapless, with a form fitting bodice, and then flowed out in stunning billowy waves of fabric to the floor.

"Are you ready?" Ella's eyes sparkled.

"Oh, yes...I am absolutely ready," I whispered, without taking my eyes off of the dress. My hair had been styled elegantly on the top of my head with tendrils wisping around my face. My makeup was flawlessly applied. And I was wearing the most expensive lingerie I owned – an intricately beaded black corset with G-string and garters.

The only thing I had left to do was put on the dress.

"Okay, let's get you into it." She steered me around the back and zipped it open at the side. I stepped carefully into the center. I was grateful not to have anything covering my arms. My shoulder had improved tremendously since my run-in with Vladimir a day ago, the bruising mostly gone, but it still hurt to move it.

Ella carefully shifted the gown into place around my body and zipped it closed. She pointed down to a pair of beaded stiletto crimson heels I hadn't noticed in my excitement over the dress. I squealed and quickly put them on. Given their height of five inches, I found they were surprisingly comfortable.

I turned to face her expectantly.

She breathed, "Wow...You look amazing. He was right. You will be the prettiest girl there."

I blushed.

I hadn't seen Cage all day and I wouldn't, not until I was presented to him, right before we entered the ballroom and were announced together.

"Let's go," Ella motioned toward the door. I followed her through sections of the estate I had never been in before. The house was really more than size of a castle. I was astounded that it seemed to still have an endless amount that I hadn't explored.

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