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Chapter 154 - End My Suffering   - Raine's POV

Felaern pierced the portal defense with glowing hands. The instant he touched the thin veil of shimmering protection, sparks from his palms caused magnificent tendrils of fire to trail along the web.  But the veil didn't break. Instead it vibrated against Felaern's assault. Felaern's determination increased, as did the sparks shooting out of his hands, trying to break through the already weakened section. 

Cage still hadn't been told that Felaern transferred some portion of his power to him during his healing. But his ignorance of the fact didn't stand in the way of him using the gifts.  He acted out of instinct, and joined his hands next to Felaern's. At his touch, more vines of flame wound in intricate patterns like blood vessels along the wall of protection. The veil vibrated harder, visibly shaking for a few seconds, and then it burst, leaving nothing standing between us and Acheron.

During the time required to take down the veil, Skoldr had managed to join the opposing group.  He stood near Acheron and Sofielle, and stared at us with a sly smile, anticipation clear in his black beady eyes. Sofielle's attention was fixated on Felaern as tears streamed down her cheeks.  Acheron appeared just as confident as Skoldr, not a trace of fear etched in his gaze, just unrestrained animosity.  His lack of concern in the face of opposition such as the group gathered in front of him, made my stomach churn uneasily. They had beaten us before, and nearly killed Cage. Sofielle could have ended his life had she wanted to.  She had decided his fate and I had been powerless to stop it.

A wave of fury washed over me. My hands clenched into fists, my nails digging into my palms. It wasn't happening again. I wasn't going to be powerless today. No one was taking him away from me again!  Energy sparked in my belly, building and growing. No doubt my eyes were glowing blue, as I vibrated with anger. I waited to see who would strike first.

Acheron's words were clipped as he sneered, "You were a fool for coming here!"

Felaern's response was low and guttural, his tone almost otherworldly, "And there are no words sufficient for what you are, for what you have done. But by the time I am done with you, words won't matter."

"I see the Golden Boy lives." Acheron's lips pursed as he stared at Cage. He cut an angry glance toward Sofielle. Acheron was many things, but stupid wasn't one of them. He knew she betrayed him. She stood motionless and didn't respond.  His voice lowered, speaking quietly and softy to Sofielle, but of course, we all heard. "When they are dead, love, you will pay for your indiscretion."

I was shocked at his audacity, threatening her in front of Felaern. The insane man seemed to think he was invincible. Or was he insane? Was he just that ignorant or was there more reasoning for his bravado we had yet to see?

Whether or not it was Acheron's intention to provoke Felaern into action, he had accomplished it. Felaern thundered out a war cry, again shaking the earth beneath our feet.

I sucked in a sharp breath, every muscle tingling with anticipation.

Along with Felaern's ravenous growl of destruction, his hands shot forward, glowing energy released from his palms. However, the deadly spheres didn't reach their target. Instead, Skoldr raised his hands and deflected the attack with powerful energy of his own. The balls of light exploded in the air at impact, shattering the quiet around us.

"Kill them all!" I realized Acheron's order was directed at Sofielle.

More tears streamed down her cheeks as she stared in agony at Felaern. Her voice was barely audible as she whispered, "Please...kill me...end my suffering...I'm sorry."

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