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Chapter 124 – Piece by Piece – Cage's POV

I roared and slammed my fist into the cell wall. Bits and pieces of the wall shattered, creating dust that floated to the ground. My knuckles bled and smoked a little as the silver from the wall seared my flesh. I didn't care. I would heal. What I needed to do was get the fuck out of here!

That bastard had come down just to fuck with my head. And he'd done a damn good job. He'd reeked of Raine's arousal. Fuck, it had been strong, which meant she had held out for hours. I suspected that was why she forced him to come, but I still didn't like it. I wanted to throw bleach into my brain, to get out the images I could easily conjure of them together.

"Cage..." Echo murmured soothingly from the cell next to me. "It won't be long. She can hold on."

He knew the plan. When the sun went down, we were getting out of here. At that point, Queen Ileana should be out of Marku's sight and Marku distracted. But the sun wouldn't set for hours. It wasn't soon enough for me. And there wasn't a damn thing I could do about it!


The day had gone by excruciatingly slowly. It felt unending, similar to the day I had to wait to hunt Raine when she ran away. I pushed those memories out of my head. I couldn't be distracted now. Now, I had a job to do.

Killian had left thirty minutes earlier. The guards in place now were vampires. They wouldn't come within earshot of me. It was Marku's safeguard against me compelling them. But Marku didn't know it wasn't necessary for me to speak or them to hear me, for my compulsion to work.

I reached out with my mind, searching for them. It was an odd feeling that had grown over the weeks. An extra sense I never had before. I had practiced it silently, honing my skills. I found them. There were three guards. I spoke directly into their minds, ordering them to release the cells and come to me.

A click later, both my and Echo's cell doors slid open. The three guards walked to me, their expressions frozen in shock and horror. They knew I was compelling them. They also knew Marku would slaughter them when he realized they were locked in our cells.

Without a word, I forced them to take our place in the cells. One of Echo's men ran to the controls and the doors clanked shut. I released the guards minds, turned on my heels and ran. Raine had compelled Seraphine to give us directions to where she would be.  This time Marku wouldn't have a legion of forces on the lookout for us, but we took no chances. The instant I felt another mind come near, we either evaded them or killed them, leaving no witnesses to our movement.

We reached Tobias's room first. He shot to his feet when I breached the door. Instantly, my eyes locked on the silver cage and the naked woman inside. My gaze roamed over her curves and the crystal collar. My dick twitched, hard.

This wasn't the time, I reminded myself harshly.  Still, I had to adjust my pants, trying to calm down and make it more comfortable. She stared back at me with a knowing smirk.

"Key!" I growled.

Tobias had just finished strapping on the weapons Echo provided him, and hurled the key across the room to me. I snatched it from the air effortlessly and slammed it into the lock, my fingers burning from the silver metal. But I didn't care. Nothing else mattered right now.

The door swung open and she flew into my arms. I held her naked form, once again trying to control the wave a lust that crashed through me.

Keep it together!

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