Chapter 163—You Never Need to Thank Me


Fuck, she drove me crazy...out of my mind, intense hot, fired up crazy. The delectable scent of her arousal filled the air around us, sweet, mandarin and spice. Her body was barely clad, a white fluffy towel wrapped around her small frame, but regardless of her scant clothes, her posture was poised to attack, feet planted apart, shoulders back, fire in her eyes, blazing, molten pools of swirling crystal blue—and my cock held tight in her grip.

It was all I could do not to bend her over and fuck her like my life depended on it. But tonight was about her, not me. So, my urges were going to have to wait. However, if she thought she had one ounce of control regarding tonight's festivities, she was wrong—and I would gladly show her the error of her ways...however necessary.

She glared at me with that half-lidded expression of fury and desire. Her thoughts were calculating and clear...she and I both knew I hadn't given her an idle threat. If she needed it, I would bend her over and spank her right here.

She was my partner and equal in every way—but not in the bedroom. In the bedroom, I was in control. And despite all of her grumbling and pushing me otherwise, she absolutely loved it. She was the strongest willed female I'd ever known, stubborn and hard headed, impossible to reason with sometimes—And she would have zero respect for me if I didn't have the fortitude and dominance a woman of her strength required, demanded, if I wasn't stronger than her in some form or fashion—and the bedroom was the perfect place to prove it, for both of us. It was a game we both loved playing.

I slid one of my hands around her, underneath her towel and gripped the soft, rounded flesh of her backside tightly. "So, what's it going to be, sweet tiger? Do you need a reminder that I'm in control tonight?"

She shuddered hard from head to toe, her arousal bursting out of her even stronger. My nostrils flared. A low growl released from my chest, as I drank in her scent, letting it fill every pore in my body, making me feel alive.

Her eyes still flamed with heat, a tempest of unleashed fire just below the surface, but the tension in her stance relaxed. She had yielded control.

I brought my head down to her neck and kissed her shoulder softly as I praised, "Good girl."

She melted into me, her hand beginning to stroke my shaft. A small whimper of need slipped her lips, "Cage..."

Fuck, it was a thousand times harder for me to resist her when she sounded like that—willing and needy. My tongue moved along the slope of her neck. She let me walk her backward a few steps, until she was standing where I needed her to be, next to a large comfy chair and side table with a small box on it. I murmured against her flesh, "What is it, Tigru? Tell what they did that has you all riled up."

Not that I couldn't guess. I'd been pretty specific with my instructions for Rachel. But I wanted to hear it from Raine. I wanted to know what she thought about the experience, if she enjoyed it as much as I anticipated she would.

"You know what they did," she huffed, her breathing low and shallow.

I chuckled, the sound husky and deep in my chest, not at all surprised by her petulant response. I brought my free hand up and curled my fingers around the back of her neck, further controlling her body. My lips found their way along her collar bone. "I know...but I want to hear it from you."

She tilted her head slightly, silently encouraging me with more access. Her breaths were getting faster. "They touched me."

"Touched you...How?" I asked softly.

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