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Chapter 139 –I Couldn't Do This Anymore– Raine's POV

It had been five days since Ileana arrived. She had asked me to no longer refer to her as a queen since she and Armand meant nothing to each other anymore. I easily agreed because it seemed to make her more comfortable not to be reminded of that part of her history.

Marku was still upset with me, but he tried not to show his irritation. I just couldn't do what he wanted. He wanted me to release the mate bond I had with Cage and I just couldn't. I wouldn't. I had known as soon as Marku brought up the fact that I had freed Ileana, what he was thinking. I wasn't even sure I could remove the bond, but I had suspected it as well.

He had spent more time training Talon, probably to release the aggression he felt toward me. But Talon was strong enough to take it. He and Talon were in the gym now.

I stood in my sleep shirt and shorts, trying to decide what to wear. Loki was restless, whining. He nudged his big head gently into my belly, rubbing one side of this face and then the other against my skin. I scratched him under the ears and murmured, "What's wrong, boy? Why so anxious?"

Abruptly, a sharp pain shot through my lower spine. I froze. My brain struggled to comprehend what was happening. I was a vampire now. I shouldn't experience random pain! Loki whined again.Did he know what was happening to me? Adrenaline coursed hard through my veins. I held my breath. Maybe I had imagined it.

Several minutes went by...and nothing. I dropped to the couch and tried to control my trembling. Shit, as if I didn't already have enough pain, now my head was adding imaginary pain to go with it. What the hell was wrong with me?

Just as I stood to my feet again, another pain hit, this one harder. I fell forward, curling in on myself. It felt like my insides were being ripped out. I gasped and panted. There was no way I had imagined that!

And then I felt the blood.

A warm gush, soaking my panties and running in crimson trails down my legs.

Oh, God no...please!

Not this.

Anything but this! I prayed.

Another pain hit hard, this time radiating to my lower belly, my abdomen clenched tight. It was excruciating. The pain...the could only mean one thing.

But it wasn't possible...I couldn't be pregnant! Only royal vampires could conceive a naturally born vampire. Oh shit! A cold cruel reality crashed over me. Cage had become a royal vampire when my mark transferred to him during our mating ceremony. And I had stepped into my destiny weeks later, exchanging my human status for that of a royal vampire. Neither of us had even considered pregnancy a possibility. At least I hadn't.

Sweat rolled off of me. I panted, trying to think. At the very most I could be about twelve weeks pregnant. Maybe I was wrong.

But even as I thought it, I knew I wasn't wrong. I stood frozen in place, unable to think, unable to move as more and more blood trailed down my legs. Another pain hit, even worse. I groaned and dropped to my knees.

Thirty minutes this went on. I never made a sound. Just panted through the contractions. It was agony. Abruptly, I felt soft tissue gush into my panties. My hands shook uncontrollably as I slid them down off of my legs, careful not to disturb the little one resting there. I collected the tiny body in the palm my hands. There was no mistaking what I was staring at. Translucent tan skin.  No more than three inches in length but beautifully formed. Tiny hands wrapped up around an equally tiny head. Little legs tucked into a rounded belly. Eyes closed, peacefully sleeping, never to wake.

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