Pics above: Loki, Nyx & Marku!

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Pics above: Loki, Nyx & Marku!

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Chapter 166— Epilogue Part Three


After Tavian left, we spent the next three hours entertaining guest after guest; and frequently multiple guests at the same time—dignitaries and royalty from all over the globe. It was exhausting.

Felaern and Sofielle also visited. There still seemed to be an obvious rift between them...even after two years. It made my heart hurt for them. I couldn't imagine the horrors she suffered at the hands of my bastard grandfather...or the terrible suffering Felaern endured believing she was dead. I knew what that felt like. I barely survived three months of devastation, thinking I'd lost Cage. He'd suffered centuries of torment and loss.

It also hadn't helped that one of her high security guards, a beautiful and powerfully built male, seemed particularly interested in her. Never touching, but pivoting his body protectively, like she was his sun and he was her moon; always staying in orbit around her. Sofielle had given the guard a little smile before she sat down. Felaern gritted his teeth in response but said nothing. I was shocked. Knowing Felaern even the little that I did, he was a force to be reckoned with, particularly in regards to his mate, Sofielle. But he did nothing further about the obvious connection between them.

However, even with their apparent division, the visit had been enjoyable. Sofielle's eyes never left the children, and they were happy to keep her undivided attention captive by climbing all over her lap.

And the end of their visit, one of the Fae Guards stepped forward. His boyish face held the rounded features of youth, possibly the youngest among them. But his stoic expression of duty never faltered as he carefully released a small decorative box into Felaern's hands.

By now, the twins had received many gifts and instantly perked up, eyeing the mystery box. Felaern unlatched the bronze lock and opened the lid, angling the box toward Sofielle. She reached in and carefully pulled out two tiny ornate glass bottles, holding one in each palm.

"Hold your hands out, little Princess," Sofielle instructed softly.

Coco cupped both hands together as Sofielle gently placed one of the bottles in her waiting palms. She stared transfixed down at the tiny little treasure and whispered breathlessly, "Mommy...look."

"I see, baby," I murmured from an adjoining couch where Cage and I sat.

Her look of awe was warranted. The exquisitely enameled butterflies, surrounding the neck of the little three-inch translucent bottle, were so profoundly detailed they looked as if they were real...their coral, aqua, pearl and dark slate-blue veined wings suspended in flight.

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