Marku/Raine Bonus Chapter—Part 2


Her breath caught. The scent of her arousal flared stronger. My cock twitched, hard.

Keeping our hands intertwined, I kissed the soft flesh on her neck, my tongue coming out to trail down her shoulder. She squirmed, seeking friction between our bodies. I was happy to give her what she wanted. Shifting a little lower, the head of my manhood slid between her legs. Abs flexing, my cock stroked her folds. I bit back a growl. She was already fucking wet for me.

"Marku!" she inhaled sharply.

"Are you okay, love?" I pressed my lips against her soft flesh of her forearm, my head beside hers. As much as I wanted her, I wouldn't take her if I thought it would do further damage. We'd worked too hard to get to where we were, both, physically and mentally. I wouldn't break the trust we'd forged...even if she wanted me to. She still had self-harm tendencies. It wasn't too long ago she'd carved into her own flesh. I had to know this moment wasn't her trying to self-destruct or punish herself for surviving.

"Yes," she breathed, still squirming so she could rub her hot core against my ready and willing dick. "I want...more."

While a little out of breath, she sounded stable. Relaxed and excited at the same time. My cock stiffened even more. Shit, if arousal helped take her mind off of the pain, I couldn't think of anything more I wanted to do than stroke her delicious pussy 24/7.

I relaxed my hands, testing whether or not she was ready to relinquish her hold. She let my fingers go.

Redistributing my weight to my legs, I sat up and settled back on my haunches, still straddling her thighs. My fingers spanned the entire width of her shoulders as I held them side-by-side, and stroked down her back, massaging her flesh like I'd done with the oil. But this time, I didn't stop at the ridge of her ass. This time, I continued lower, wrapping my hand around each thigh. I lifted slightly and slid my knee between her legs, using my grip on her thighs to her open legs and resettled between them.

Her breathing increased. Soft little pants left her lips. She arched her spine, presenting her ass to me.

I groaned.

"Good girl," I praised her. "I know what you want. I'm going to give it to you. "

Hands clutching each perfectly round globe, I ran my thumbs right down the center of her ass, pausing for a minute to massage her sweet little back star. She moaned into the mattress. Fingers curled into the sheet.

Letting my fingers slide lower, I eased them through her folds, coating them with her creamy softness.

"Marku," she keened even further in the air, impatient for my touch.

"Just like that, love. Don't move. Let me do the work." Reaching for a pillow, I eased her hips a little higher and slid it under her pelvis to support her frame. Still massaging her butt cheeks I dipped my fingers back into her hot sex coating them once again before moving to her tight rim. I circled the little star with my thumb, progressively applying more pressure. She let out a long moan of pleasure as I pressed the digit into her ass.

Candlelight illuminated her silky smooth skin with a reflective glow. She rocked against my hand. My mouth watered at the sight of her glistening sex. I couldn't wait to taste her again. With my thumb buried in her ass, I rubbed two fingers into her wet core, stroking her inner walls. Her breathing increased as I picked up the pace, moving all three fingers in tandem, stroking deep, curling my fingers, rubbing a finger on her swollen clit.

On and on, I went, torturing her sweet body. Her breaths came in ragged pants. Eyes shut tight, she arched and moaned.

"Fuck, love, you have no idea how amazing you are," I watched her in rapt fascination and stroked my cock with my free hand. I wanted to prolong her pleasure as long as possible but she was mewling, begging me for completion and I couldn't hold back anymore. I pressed harder and faster against her clit. One. Two. Three more strokes and she was there, groaning into the mattress, her sex and ass contracting around my fingers. I kept up my assault until every last twitch ended and she was limp, catching her breath.

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