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First chapter in Talon's POV!  The next chapter will be in his POV as well.

Chapter 119 – Say Please – Talon's POV

I clenched my fists, knuckles popping in resistance. Just one touch. That was all it had taken. My hand wrapped around that whore's throat, and now I felt dirty. I wanted to burn her touch off of my skin, rid myself of the stench of her, the pungent odor of her sick mind. Her face, her voice, her essence had been inflicted on me for far too long.

Raine hadn't shared how long she planned to keep the filthy vampire alive, but I didn't need her to tell me. I trusted Raine beyond any shadow of a doubt. She was the only person to ever give a shit about me, the only one to love me. And she did it unconditionally. I shook my head, still struggling to understand it. Until my dying breath, I would stand at her side, ready and willing to do and be whatever she needed. There were no exceptions. If that meant I had to walk through fire for her, I wouldn't hesitate. If that meant I needed to die, better me than her, I would lay my life down. Willingly. Happily.

She saved me that fateful day. And not just my body, she rescued my broken mind. I felt like a completely different man now. I wasn't whole yet, not even close. Maybe I never would be. Maybe it was just an impossible dream to hope I could overcome all of the horrors inflicted on me. But she had given me her strength when I had none.

And there was a difference in me now, a tangible change. Steel could not be forged without molten fire. I prayed it would be that way for me. I prayed that eventually, from the flames and ashes of my ruined existence, I could transform into unbreakable steel.

Raine glanced over her shoulder at me. I met her gaze, and her eyes softened with a clear question. She wanted to know if I was okay. Her thoughts were transparent. She could have just as easily spoken out loud, but she didn't have to. I had memorized all of her little facial and body ticks, the movements that reflected her thoughts and feelings.

I gave a short nod in response.

Her hesitation before turning back around told me she wasn't convinced, but she let it go. After two more steps, she focused on Marku and hissed, "I need a vehicle so he can escort my new pets away from here."

Marku stopped and faced her. "Say please."

Her eyes widened and then narrowed, her mouth clamped shut in defiance.

Marku met her defiant stare head on. His eyes stormed, his tone low and threatening. "Say please, or your pets are staying until you a year."

"We are leaving tomorrow night!"

"We shall see. But if you would like me to provide the convenience of a vehicle and staff member, then I suggest you lose the bitchy bossiness. You are in my kingdom. I don't take orders...from anyone."

Raine's posture remained furious, her shoulders back, chin up as she glared.

His voice lowered, his lips curling into a devilish smile. "If you cannot learn the easy way, rest assured I will teach it to you the hard way. Maybe a lesson in submission is just what you need. And trust me when I tell you, I would thoroughly enjoy teaching you."

I took an ominous step forward. He had another thing coming if he thought I would stand by and allow him to force her into anything.  He had to see me in his peripheral vision, but he didn't react. His attention remained intent on her face.

"You will teach me nothing!" she spat, vibrating in fury.

His eyes hardened and a low growl came from his throat as he leaned into her. "Need I remind you that I gave Seraphine to you, without any inducement or payment. So you can jump down from your fucking high horse and learn some manners!"

Her eyes widened. Her fingers twitched. After a slow minute, she finally ground out, "Marku, may I have access to a vehicle, please?"

He straightened his frame, the smirk returning to his face. "Good girl, that wasn't so hard, now was it?"

A hiss came from her chest. Her fingers curled into little fists. Smoke may have puffed out of her ears, I couldn't be sure. But she remained silent. He chuckled and pulled out his phone. A short text message later, he looked up at her and said, "A car will be ready in ten minutes."

She spun away from him to continue our journey back to his suites, but he caught her around the waist, halting her progress. She jerked out of his grip and squared off with him again, snapping, "What the hell are you doing?!"

Unaffected by her ire, he commanded, "Say thank you."

"Of all the arrogant..." she fumed.

He took a step forward, only inches separating them, and threatened, "Say thank you...or I will tie your naked little ass up before touching you this evening."

"You wouldn't dare!" she snarled, fists clenched, her arms rigid by her sides.

His eyebrows rose in amusement. "Really? I thought you knew me better than that. Of course, I would dare. The thing is, we both know you would enjoy it. So, the choice is can keep pushing me because the idea of me tying you to my bed makes you wet, or you can say two simple words, thank you."

Furious growls reverberated from her chest. She didn't relax her stance, but replied through clenched teeth, "Thank you."

Marku smiled widely and turned away, walking down the long hall again as he murmured to himself, "Oh yes, we are going to have so much fun this evening."


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