Chapter 60 –A Debt Paid– Alaric's POV

Marku began coldly, "Our agreement says that I can take payment in any form that I choose, does it not?"

Esmeralda trembled as she whispered, "Yes, but if you will just give us a few more days, I promise we will have it."

He smiled cruelly, "Your mistake was not remembering who you were dealing with. Proceed with the $450K wire and I will gladly absolve you of the $50K balance in exchange for your daughter  as my new pet."

"No!" Esmeralda gasped in horror.

"Oh yes. Wire the money now," he demanded. He turned to one of his guards and ordered, "Bring me the girl." The guard quickly grasped the girl from the front row and jerked her hard.

She couldn't have been more than twenty, if that.

Adrenaline ran hard through my veins.

Raine was watching with her own expression of horror.

Unfortunately, I knew it was going to get much worse. Fuck, I would do anything to get Raine out of here right now, but it would cause an international incident if I tried to leave with her. I glanced at Cage. He was vibrating with fury. He too knew what was coming.

The girl kicked and thrashed in the guards arms. Fuck, that was only going to make it worse. Esmeralda tried to concentrate but she was shaking violently as she keyed the wire transfer information into her computer. She finally succeeded and begged him desperately, "Please don't do this!!! I am begging you! Please don't take her! She is innocent! I swear I will have the money. Please just don't do this!"

Marku licked his lips, clearly enjoying her torment and purred, "I will give you a third option."

"Anything!" she gasped. "I will do anything you ask!"

"I can either pay you $50K to keep her as my pet, or...Pay you $50K for her life. If you would rather see her die today, I am perfectly willing to accommodate your wishes."

Esmeralda wailed, "No! Please don't kill her!"

One of his council was already ready with the pet transaction paperwork and slid it in front of Esmeralda. She stared down at it in shocked disbelief. Her gaze came back up to Marku, searching for any hint of mercy.

She found none.

Her hand shook as she tried to hold the pen and then signed the form.

Marku held out his arm and the guard thrust the girl into his hand. She tried to break free from his grasp on her shoulder. Instantly, he shifted so that he held her by the back of the neck. He forced her to look at him and growled, "You dare to fight me?"

"I will never belong to you!" she hissed and tried to slap him.

He caught her arm in midair and whispered, "Your fire will only make this more pleasurable. And when we are done, your punishment will teach you never to disobey me."

I was actually shocked that he didn't snap her neck right then.

"I prefer my pets naked. Will you willingly undress for me or do I need to force you?"

I saw her glance cut to the nearest exit. Marku saw it as well. He chuckled darkly, "I guess I need to force you." In the next instant, he tore her clothes from her body, while she screamed.

I looked back at Raine. She appeared frozen.

I mouthed the words, "Look at me!"   It was going to be bad enough she would have to hear it. I sure as fuck didn't want her to watch it as well.

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