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Chapter 106 –Good Little Girl– Raine's POV

The guard's eyebrow rose and he tilted his head. "Of course, he's here. Isn't that why you came?"

Talon growled low and menacing by my side, his hands clenched into fists. The muscles in his forearms flexed and bulged with raw power, making his silent threat clear and unmistakable.

Immediately, every trace of humor was gone from the guard's expression. His beady eyes trailed over Talon's considerable frame, sizing him up. I wondered what conclusion he came to. Could other vamps recognize, at a glance, what I already knew - Talon was a bad-ass. It was obvious to me, although I suspected even Talon didn't fully understand his potential yet.

Talon's stance shifted. He leaned forward just slightly, so slightly that his change in posture would have been unnoticeable to the human eye, but in a room full of cock-strung vampires, his tiny shift revealed his eagerness for a fight.

Beady Eye's expression was indecipherable, a brick wall of blank emotion, but I had a sneaking suspicion Talon's new skills were going to be put to the test fairy quickly.

His attention then drifted to Tobias and finally back to me. His previous calm demeanor was absent. He slunk lower, his muscles contracting, causing the five vampires on either side of him to do the same, a sure sign of an imminent strike. He snarled, "Surely, you do not think you can fight me and win. Now, come along like a good little girl. I know he will be pleased to see you."

A good little girl?

He was delusional if he thought I planned on following his orders. I couldn't help hissing as I replied, "Fuck you."

No sooner had the words released from my lips, Talon struck. In a lightning fast move, he extracted one of his knives and sent it spinning across the room. There was barely a sound as the weapon tore through air and fabric before it met flesh. It had found its intended target, impaled deeply, dead center of the guard's heart.

The guard's eyes grew wide and he looked down to his chest in confusion. Apparently, Talon's blade of choice had been silver because the man's skin turned pasty and then grey. His eyes lost focus and he fell to the ground dead.

I didn't have time to contemplate any further thoughts on the subject because the rest of his men launched a full out assault. Talon and Tobias tried to maintain a protective position in front of me, but were forced apart as each faced multiple opponents, leaving an opening for a burly ginger-haired vampire to slip through.

He lunged for me. I snaked to the side, just barely avoiding his grasp. He spun to face me again, but I was ready for him, my fist making solid contact with his face. The impact stunned him for a moment, giving me time to follow it up with a violent kick to his jaw. There were sharp cracks as several bones in his face broke and blood gushed from his nose. He growled furiously and barreled forward, his entire frame came crashing down on mine, all 200+ pounds of muscle and mass. A small cry escaped my throat as all of the air was sucked from my lungs.

His lips curled into a mangled smile, blood still dripping from his face as he looked down at me. One of his fangs was cracked in half. "Not so tough now, are you?" He pulled his head back, ready to strike.

Another vampire, one I could not see, snarled, "Don't hurt her! He'll kill you if you harm her, he wants her in one piece!"

The guard on my chest hesitated but his restraint was no longer required, because something inside of me had snapped. I resonated with power, raw energy crackled and sparked through my body. I could hear and feel the same soft hum I had experienced in the very beginning when the Hunter's tried to kill me in my chalet, the day I met Cage. Only now, the sound was like a roaring freight train through my head. It wound its way through my body and mind, taking over completely.

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