We are going to take a quick step back to yesterday in the timeline, so that we can see it from Cage's POV. Enjoy!

Chapter 24 – Time to Kill


My vision was tinted red as I left her standing in the doorway. I hated to walk out on her like that but I would not let this go. Whoever had touched her would pay dearly!

Admittedly, we hadn't known each other very long, but the pull and protection I felt toward her had been immediate and it was very real. It consumed me. So much so, that I had been on the brink of lethally attacking my best friend. I shuddered when I remembered. Of course, I knew both of them better than that. I probably should have been happy she found consolation on his shoulder, and not someone else.

The day hadn't ended as I had envisioned. Radically far from it, actually. My plan was to make love to her tonight. I wanted to physically show her that I belonged to her – mind, body and soul. Words didn't seem to do it justice, so I had planned on worshipping her body all night long, hoping that maybe she would realize she felt something for me as well.

I knew she did. She had to. At first, she resisted staying here, but she changed. We changed. I could see it in her eyes and how she responded to me.

She was too innocent for my world, but I couldn't give her up. The thought of being without her, caused me to want to claw my eyes out just to stop the pain. Fuck, I hated the fear I saw in her eyes when I left. Obviously she was so scared of who did it, that she even refused to tell me. That left one person – Vladimir.

And now I was going to kill him.

I walked past Kieran. I barely heard him call my name, "Cage?"

I ignored him, intent on getting where I need to go.

Suddenly, he was by my side and demanded anxiously, "What the hell happened?"

I shook my head. I didn't intend to chat about it. I had one goal and that was getting to Vladimir. Kieran fell into step next to me. Obviously he planned on following me. Whatever.

When we round the corner toward Vladimir's suites, Kieran hissed under his breath, "Oh shit."

I didn't knock. There were no pleasantries. I simply broke the handle on the door and darted inside. Vlad jumped to his feet, immediately ready to fight. What he didn't  seem to be was surprised that I was here, ready to kill him. I had been right – that fucker!

I circled him slowly and hissed, "What the fuck happened between you and Raine?"

Vlad snarled, "What did that bitch tell you?"

"Nothing!" I spat. "Which is why I know you did something!"

He smiled.

And I attacked.

He was a good fighter, but not when I was in a blinding rage. After several lightning fast strikes from both of us, the room was decimated and I had him on the ground. I broke off a chair leg, pleased with the pointed end it created, and raised it over his chest.

He stared at me in stark fear, knowing what was coming.

It was my turn to smile.

Suddenly, Kieran tackled me from the side. We rolled before I jumped to my feet and snapped, "What the fuck?"

"Think about this a minute. You know you can't kill him. He is on the High Council," Kieran reminded urgently.

"I don't give a fuck if he's Santa Claus! Nobody touches her!"

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