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Chapter 134 –I'll Hear You Pray– Raine's POV

"How the fuck are we supposed to reach Armand from this dimension?" Echo asked. "It's not like they have the same cell service."

Cage quickly typed on his phone, his brow furrowed in concentration. "No, but there is a connection hardwired through a portal. Once we tap into it, we will be able to access the human world's communications systems."

"Shit," Echo breathed.

A few more keystrokes and Cage lifted the phone to his ear. It rang twice before a familiar female voice answered cautiously, "Hello?"


"It's me, Micage." His voice was low and controlled. I had expected to hear Armand answer the phone and then realized calling Brialle was a much smarter option, in case Armand was still in the midst of his agony.

Brialle voice rose as she whispered frantically, "Cage! Where is my daughter? What have you done?!"

I held my breath.

"Raine is just fine. She is here with me. I promise we will tell you everything, but right now, I just need you to answer a question—"

She cut him off, "How?! How did you do it? How did you sever the bond?! I know it had to be you."

There was a collective loud gasp amongst our group. Everyone was able to hear her easily and everyone realized the incredible implication of her words. Echo snatched me off the ground and twirled me around, muttering in my hair, "Holy mother of fuck, you actually did it!"

Cage growled a warning to Echo while trying to calm down Brialle at the same time. "We don't have time to explain right now, but we are headed home. We'll see you in two to three days. I have to go now."

"Give my love to my daughter! And promise me you'll keep her safe!"

Cage grinned, his silvery gaze never faltering from mine. He spoke reassurances into the phone, "On my life, I promise I will take care of her."

After he hung up, he snatched me into his arms and whispered, "Let's get the fuck out of here!"

From behind us, a deep voice interrupted, "I'm sorry, but I can't let you do that."

Cage spun around, shoving me behind him. His posture was low, an unspoken warning, as he faced Acheron. Still trying to salvage our unhindered departure, Cage replied with forced decorum, "We are grateful for your hospitality, but as it turns out, we do not need your services after all, so will take our leave."

Skoldr's lip curled up into a sneer. "You are not going anywhere unless we allow it. And we have no intention of allowing anything."

Fire, white hot anger, roiled through my belly, leaving me quivering in anticipation of a fight.

"Now, son, patience," Acheron interrupted with a smirk and then called out a command, "Sofielle!"

Shockingly, she just appeared by his side. Out of thin air. There she stood. Her teeth bared, her fists clenched. She vibrated with animosity.

Acheron's beady gaze locked on me. "There is no reason our confrontation needs to end in bloodshed. I am solely interested in my granddaughter. The rest of you may leave. Except for her mate of course. You will need to stay close until my mage arrives to unbind you."

"Like fuck," Cage snarled, all pretenses of cordiality gone.

The blitz that ensued took me completely off-guard. Skoldr was lightning fast. As fast as any vampire. He broke through our first wall of defense, and made it all of the way to Cage, the last barrier to me. Cage went on the attack, forcing him back, knocking him on his ass. Skoldr jumped to his feet and flashed a feral grin to Cage.

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