Music: My Pony

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Music: My Pony

Chapter 123 – Entertainment – Marku's POV

Our first chapter in Marku's POV!

I watched her sleep, the moonlight reflecting off of her pale skin, her platinum hair splayed around her face. Her features soft and peaceful. She had shocked me again tonight. Just when I thought I had her beat, she rose to the occasion yet again, sinking her teeth into my neck and using her gift of arousal to push me over the edge. And fuck, she hadn't held back. I hadn't come that hard in years. The only thing better would be giving her everything I had, right inside that hot sex of hers. Just the thought of it made my dick hard again. I had never wanted a female more than I wanted her.

I had one more day to get through to her, just one day, to make her see what was so clear to me. She needed what I could give her. I was a bloodline vampire. I understood her better than anyone ever would.

The sun would be up in an hour. I quietly slid out from under the blanket we shared and gathered her body, blanket and all, into my arms. She stirred and mumbled something incoherent, before settling down again in my arms. More than anything, I wanted to take her to my bed, but she wasn't ready. So, I carried her to the room next to mine and laid her gently on the bed. I wanted to stay with her but had a full day ahead of me, work and planning for the evening. Tonight would have to be absolutely perfect.

Talon met me as I walked out the door, glancing over my shoulder to make sure Raine was safe and sound, before he let me pass. He gave me a hard stare. I didn't bother to acknowledge him as I stepped by and walked out. He wasn't a threat to me. Their connection was strong, but there was no romantic inclination between them at all, even though she was quite physical in her comfort and care of him.

It was shocking how very much his life had changed because of her. Not too long ago, he was someone's fuck-toy in my kingdom. And now, he was a vampire, turned by a powerful bloodline Queen, fiercely loved and protected. If I didn't know it would be a fight to the death with Raine, I would try to take him for my own army. His strength and skill were unusual. He handled a blade as good as any of my own warriors. Once he was trained, I would welcome an opportunity to spar head to head with him. It wasn't often that someone presented a decent challenge to me.

But there was nothing I could offer Raine that would compel her to relinquish him. That much was certain. And his loyalty was as obvious as her love, unconditional and without question, admirable characteristics, not easy to come by in a warrior.

I made my way back outside to collect my phone. It pinged when I picked it up. I looked down at the text. It was Killian. Seraphine was ready to be transported back to Raine. I shot back a quick text telling him not to move her until I got there, and headed in that direction. My lips curled up in a wicked grin. This would work out perfectly.

When I arrived, I walked directly up to the cell containing Cage. His nostrils flared, and a furious growl escaped his lips. His fists clenched and the muscles in his neck pulled tight. I purred, "You look like you want to kill me."

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