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Chapter dedicated to Khxirxl.Nxr. Thanks, love, for reading and voting!!

Chapter 153 - Angel of Death - Raine's POV

I let Cage guide me by the hand as we walked back to where our group waited.

Felaern was standing, his chest leaned forward slightly, his head inclined. His cobalt liquid eyes swirled with intensity as he listened to the Immortal we had seen on our first day here. She was dressed almost the same as she had been before. A frost-white gauzy fabric, connected with gold bands, that wrapped around her biceps, breasts and hips, covered just enough bits and pieces of her body. Her gorgeous white birthmarks were on display, each representing a gift.

I didn't know her name but she exuded power, dangerous power. Instinctively, I was wary of her, my guard up. We had already had one devastating altercation with an unknown Immortal, Skoldr. I didn't want another one.

Brialle stood at Felaern's side, attentive to their conversation. Her posture was tense and stiff, her eyes narrowed, as she evaluated the words of the Immortal. Her look of overt suspicion didn't calm my anxiety any. But while Felaern and Brialle were cautious and tense, the Immortal's stance couldn't have been more relaxed. Her bright eyes trained on Felaern.

As we drew near, I gripped Cage's hand tighter. He glanced down at me and rubbed his thumb along the back of my hand in soothing circles. When we reached them, Felaern glanced to us and made a short introduction, "King Micage and Queen Raine, this is Immortal Lady Ember."

I wondered why Felaern had chosen to use our titles, but didn't dwell on it. Both Cage and I inclined our heads briefly. Ember's eyes danced as she returned our silent acknowledgement, completely relaxed in the conversation. Her voice was melodic, like tinkling bells as she refocused on Felaern. "I am certain I can help you with what you need," she hesitated for effect, "provided you grant me one simple favor in return."

Felaern's biceps bulged as his hands clenched into fists. The blue in his eyes lightened, a sign of his impending fury. He snarled, "What do you want?"

"Oh, I have need of nothing right now," she purred. "I just want your commitment that if I am in need in the future, then I know I can rely on you."

It was easy to see from Felaern's locked jaw he didn't like the arrangement. He stared at her silently and finally growled, "Yes. But the assistance you provide had better be what you promise."  His eyes lightened even more into pale ice. His words left no misinterpretation of his threat, "Or I will end you."

There was just the tiniest moment of hesitation on her part, an instant when her eyes betrayed her ultra-calm demeanor. And then it was gone. She smiled at him sweetly and replied, "We have a deal."

Without another word, she turned and began to walk down the wide hallway. Felaern and Brialle followed behind her, so Cage and I did the same. Talon and the three Fae were silent as they walked last. When we reached the outer door, two massive security sentinels, dragons, swung the doors open wide.

I was thrilled to see Loki waiting for us. He was anxiously pacing, his big head swinging side to side, huffing his irritation and impatience. As soon as I stepped outside, he froze and his nostrils flared. His head spun toward me and he rushed to my side. I threw my arms around him and cooed, "There you are, Big Boy. I missed you so much!" He whined and knocked his head into my chest, almost tossing me off my feet. I curled my fingers into the scruff on his neck to steady myself. I gave him another squeeze and then released him, stepping back.

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