Beautiful cover above by @redlitmus THANKS so much!! 

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Beautiful cover above by @redlitmus THANKS so much!! 

NOTE - I loaded EPILOGUE PART THREE right before this. Read that before you read this!

Chapter 167—EXTRAS

**I'm Curious: Some of you mentioned you read the book twice. Is there anyone that's read it more than twice? If so, how many times have you read it?**

@Itz_okayy_advxnturez  suggested a great question: Who are your favorite and least favorite characters in this book?  Her answers were Felaern and Vlad.  I'm not sure what my answers would be honestly, probably Raine and Acheron. What about you?

**Random Tidbits**

I asked you guys these questions, so figured I should provide my answers as well.

Funniest moment – when Cage, Talon and Ivy are having their mental threesome, or second hand blow job as one of you clever readers suggested. I actually googled 'corny porn lines' and found 'That's right, service me, baby!" that Cage makes Talon shout out. I swear, I giggled and giggled every time I read that part.

Moments I cried – I do actually tear up occasionally while writing. The moments that caused me to shed a tear were Quinn's punishment of Raine, when Cage dies, and when she whispers goodbye to her baby because I've been there. I've held my dead child as I tried to communicate my broken heart and say goodbye...not easy. But writing Raine's story has been very cathartic for me and such a blessing.

Angry moments – didn't really have any of those, because I knew the outcome.


**Unanswered Questions**

I wasn't able to incorporate these answers into the final chapters for various reasons, but wanted to give you answers.

What IS Raine? She is a Bloodline Vampire. She was the start of an entirely new Bloodline. The other Bloodline Vampires are: Marku, Quinn, Isolde, Armand and Liliana. Raine was born human with the vampire side latent inside of her. As a result, she had to be turned to become a vampire.

Why did Marku hide the fact that his sister, Penelope is still alive? I incorporated Penelope into the plot at that juncture to balance out Cage and Raine's relationship. Cage had been so long-suffering and understanding regarding both Alaric and Marku, so I felt it was necessary for Raine to have to deal with some of Cage's romantic history. Currently, I actually don't have the answer for why her death was faked. I do this frequently—add 'nuggets of potential' into the story without knowing exactly how I'll use them. I just go with my gut instinct and usually, they play out very well down the road even though I have no idea what I'll do with them at first. If I write Book 5, I suspect I'll answer this question in that story. I'd love to hear your ideas for how I could use it.

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