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Chapter 92 – Hmm...What a Day – Cage's POV

The room and camera were set up. I had tried to make it less noticeable by tucking it as far away as possible, while still retaining the shot. Once I was done, I settled into a chair to wait and wondered how in the hell my day had ended up like this.

It certainly wasn't anything I planned for this morning when I got up. In addition to my radically altered schedule for today, I suspected the hours were not going to go by quickly. And I wouldn't even be able to look away because I had to be within camera view to witness.

Fuck this was going to be a long day.

We had both coached Ivy on what to do and expect. Well, Talon did most of the coaching for that part. I added in strategy. Silas had to believe this was not pleasurable for her; at least at the beginning. He needed to see her cry, scream and struggle. To make her progression as realistic as possible, we decided the first two encounters would be exactly that.

However, in an effort to hurry this along, after that she would play the part of the obedient submissive and then finally the aggressor, making it appear as though Talon had indeed 'taught her a lesson'. By that point, if Silas saw they were both just enjoying themselves, the hope was he would get bored and let it go.

I was certain the last two were not going to be difficult for Ivy to achieve. It was just the first two where she would have to pretend to struggle, and Talon would have to refrain from freaking out.

Raine had shared some of the details from his past, and I could not imagine how difficult this was going to be for him. He had refused Ivy repeatedly because he felt as her owner, it was wrong to touch her sexually. Unfortunately, he had experienced two years of relentless torture, both sexual and physical by his owner and that damage had left deep scars. Now, not only was he going to have to physically interact with Ivy, he was going to have to make it appear as if he was forcing and hurting her. Shit.

Talon entered the room holding Ivy roughly by the arm, while she writhed to get away from him. Her eyes were wide and her heart beat frantically. He pushed her onto one of the couches and sat down on the other. His order was short and to the point, "Strip!"

She shook her head desperately, and shockingly, she was able to produce real tears. Talon clenched his fists in response. Shit, just hold it together; I chanted in my head, hoping the universe would somehow relay my message to him.

His voice turned to steel as he ordered, "Strip now! Or I can whip you and then you can strip!"

She whimpered and began to slowly unbutton her top. Talon faltered and panicked the instant she started to remove her clothing. I saw it in his expression. He wasn't going to be able to do this!

Shit, shit, shit!

And there were no other options. He had  to or Silas would absolutely step in.

Ivy was still slowly removing her clothing, trembling like a leaf stuck in a windstorm, but the scent of her arousal told me she wasn't quivering out of fear. It was clear that she fiercely wanted him, if she was okay with me as an audience member and a camera in the room.

It was Talon who was slowly losing it. He looked pale, trapped, and his breathing began to shallow. I prayed he wouldn't hyperventilate. Shit, if the camera were not recording the sounds as well as the image in the room, at least I could have compelled him into action.

And quite abruptly, I realized something.

Shockwaves crashed through me.

I had no idea how  I knew it, but I absolutely knew it.

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