Pic above: Echo and his men

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Pic above: Echo and his men.

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Chapter 57 – One Third – Raine's POV

True to his plan, Alaric kept me close against his body as we approached the grand meeting hall for night two of the Alliance. I was nervous how he and Cage would react when they saw each other again. As expected, when we approached my chair, Alaric wound his body even tighter around mine.

Cage narrowed his eyes. I couldn't tell for sure from the angle we were standing, but I thought Alaric might have nodded at him smugly. Cage's eyes flashed crimson in response. Shit, the testosterone between the two of them was fierce.

Once I was settled, Alaric sat next to his father. I fidgeted, worried about the angry look on Cage's face. However, my attention was completely diverted when Marku began, "Armand, I'd like to address an item not previously scheduled."

Armand was immediately suspicious. "Which is?"

"I'd like to make a trade that would benefit us both and create an unprecedented alliance between our kingdoms."

Armand was even more wary and didn't even bother to respond. He just waited for Marku to continue. Marku purred, "I would be willing to concede the entire Saxon territories...in exchange for Princess Raine."

My heart stopped. I could not have heard him correctly. But the reactions around the table told me I did.

"What the fuck?!" Alaric hissed.

Cage growled, "Fuck no!"

Even Liliana interrupted angrily, "What the hell?!"

Armand didn't even flinch. He stared at Marku. However, before Armand could reply, another vampire at the table interjected derisively with a thick French accent, "I am surprised at your lack of initiative, Marku. Armand, we are prepared to negotiate a trade for the entire Utral Province, and offer her to be properly mated with my son. Marku cannot give her that. She would simply be a toy in his hands."

Once more the conversation was interrupted, this time by Echo, the man with the black hair and green eyes, who had stared at me intently the entire time, "Truly, I agree she would be no more than a plaything with Marku. And while Etienne makes a respectable offer, her status from Princess would not be improved upon. I, however, am prepared to make her a Queen. Let her mate with me, in exchange for the lucrative Uslad Territories, as well as all of the surrounding Borderlands."

And so the bidding war began.

At least five different vampires made offers, each one more enticing than the last. My heart was beating out of control. The conversation seemed surreal, like they were discussing every day territorial matters, not my body and future.

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