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Chapter 122 –Anything Your Heart Desires – Raine's POV

"Marku, wait a minute! Toys weren't a part of our agreement. Touching,, no mention anywhere in there."

His pupils were fully dilated and his eyes smoldered. He stroked the side of my face with his fingers. His voice was thick with lust and desire. "That's the first time you've said my name."His cock twitched against his belly, the full head glistening with his arousal.  Hunger radiated in his eyes.A feral purr. "I want to hear you scream it."

He wasn't going to change his mind.

I tried to keep the panic out of my tone, but my voice quivered slightly. "What are you going to do to me?"

He ran his knuckles softly over the curve of my breast, down to my belly. "Shh," he cooed. "I know what you want. What your body craves." He reached behind me again and this time came back with a silky soft scarf. Oh shit, he was going to blindfold me too! I trembled hard. There was no use in objecting. I was in no position to argue. He wrapped it gently around my eyes, taking away my sight, whispering, "You want me to take control. And when I strip away every last one of your defenses, you will be left with nothing...but pleasure. Pure, blissful pleasure."

A whine escaped my throat. Every cell in my body was heightened by my positioning, my hands tied behind me, and my loss of sight.

He stopped touching me and was silent.

I was super aware, but there was nothing. No touch, no sight, no sound. Just silence. I quivered harder.


For his touch.

Waiting for his voice.


Vulnerable. To his every desire, his every whim.

After another long moment, the loss of stimulation to my senses was messing with my head. He was near, but I felt alone, unconnected. I whispered, "Marku?"

His voice was hypnotic, soothing, "What do you want, love?"

I didn't know exactly. Three of my senses were gone. I felt foreign and unattached from my own skin. A small whimper released from my lips, "Please."

"So easily submissive," he murmured in approval. "But can you be obedient? I am going to undo your wrists restraints. I want you to bring your hands to your front and present them to me, where I will bind them together again. Can you do that?"

He was going to free me? But he wanted me to let him tie me back up again. I bit my lip. If I said no, he wouldn't undo the restraints. That left me with just one answer, but I sure as hell wasn't going to do what he asked. I whispered, "Yes."

Anticipation coiled through me. I felt him reach around my back and heard a soft click. The handcuffs fell away from my wrists. Instantly, I reached for the blindfold to jerk it off my head. But he was too fast. He grabbed both of my wrists. I fought against him, twisting and turning, trying to wriggle free.

Abruptly, he tossed me off of his lap. "Oh!" I squealed in surprise, landing on my back, with the soft cushion beneath me. I went to grab for the blindfold again. This time, the full weight of his body came crashing down on me. He wrestled my hands above my head, forcing my legs apart with his knee, and pinned me with his hips. I stopped fighting him. My chest heaved as I panted hard.

"Such a naughty, naughty girl," he growled his disapproval. The wrist restraints locked around my hands again. This time, he leaned slightly over my head and I heard another soft click. He let my hands go, and lifted off of me, repositioning his body so that he was sitting on his knees between my legs.

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