Photos above: Loki, Raine and Alaric

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Photos above: Loki, Raine and Alaric

Chapter dedicated to nzbaker. Thanks so much for reading and voting on the story. You rock, my friend!

Chapter 44 – Loki – Raine's POV 

I heard his response, but wasn't sure I understood him correctly. I breathed, "I will be staying with you?"

"Yes," he replied simply. "It is likely that your things have already been delivered. Shall we go so that we can change into something more comfortable?"

I looked at Gen. Raed, my eyes pleading for his assistance, to get me out of staying with Alaric. Obviously, I would have a future physical relationship with Alaric, but surely he couldn't expect me to just jump right in bed with him! Shit, I hadn't even been here for a few hours. What the hell was wrong with the man?!

Gen. Raed did not reply to my silent plea. Instead that bastard just smirked and said, "Good night Princess. Enjoy your evening. I will find you tomorrow."

I watched him walk away in shock.

Alaric interrupted my distress when he said, "Shall we?"

I followed him, my brain whirring over how I could slow him down. Maybe I should fake a headache. Like that wouldn't be obvious, I cringed. No, I was going to have to be more creative than that. Maybe I should just tell him I was on my period. Argh! What was I thinking?!  He was a vampire. Of course, he would know if I were lying about that! Crap, crap, crap! Obviously, I wasn't thinking very clearly at all, if this was all I could come up with.

All too quickly, he stopped in front of a large door, fished his keys out of his pocket and unlocked it, opening a wide for me. He extended his arm and murmured, "After you."

Reluctantly, I passed him and entered a massive living area. The decor was somewhat I had expected, but not entirely. It had an open floor plan with two-story ceilings that easily reached 25 feet in the air. But instead of a pompous collection of overstated furniture and accessories, the room was filled with sleek and modern furnishings in cool grey, brown and winter-white hues.

I heard the door shut behind me and turned to face him, still unsure how to approach the topic. Before I could get a word out, he headed toward a flight of curving steel stairs and said, "This way."

We entered an equally large bedroom with dark chocolate walls, a contemporary king-sized bed, round suede-upholstered chairs and a large brick fireplace.

He motioned toward one of the chairs before disappearing into a large walk-in closet.  I sank down, unable to relax with the anxiety coursing through me.

He reappeared, wearing dark jeans, a simple V-neck grey pullover shirt and boots. I was distracted for a moment. His athletic form even more emphasized in his change of outfit – and he had tattoos covering both arms all of the way down to his wrists! Well shit, that didn't make him look any less scary.

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