Chapter 39 – Not The End – Cage's POV

My grieving was interrupted when two of the side doors were completely broken away off of their hinges and Felaern exploded into the room. Automatically, Felix and three other vampires moved to attack him, likely assuming he was another hunter. They couldn't get anywhere near him. Felaern raised his hands in their direction and all four of them flew back helplessly.

Felaern's eyes zeroed in on Raine's body. Then he looked at Armand and commanded fiercely, "Heal her with your blood!"

Armand looked at him in shock and demanded angrily, "Why would I do that?!"

Felaern advanced on him, his blue eyes blazing silver as he hissed, "Besides the fact that she just sacrificed herself for you, she is your daughter!!"

There were audible gasps around the room, including one that slipped from my throat. Armand recovered from his momentary shock and snapped, "What?! That isn't possible! The prophecy says she is the child of an immortal and a vampire hunter..."

Felaern cut him off, "No, you fool, it doesn't! It says she is the product of a vampire slayer, not vampire hunter!"

"What the fuck is the difference?!" Armand replied heatedly.

Felaern took another step forward. I half expected him to attack Armand at any second. Armand must have assumed the same thing, because he stepped back strategically.

Felaern thundered, "Vampire slayer is not a descriptive term. It is a name!! She is the child of Brialle, the Immortal and the Vampire Slayer, Armand the Slayer!!"

Armand reared back as if he had been slapped and insisted, "But it is not possible for an Immortal and a vampire to create a child!"

A muscle in Felaern's jaw twitched as he replied, "Hence the beginning of the prophecy, 'A child born of an impossible union..."

At this point it didn't really matter what her lineage was, because even if Armand was her father it wouldn't help. I interrupted Felaern and explained bitterly, "She won't heal from vampire blood."

"She will heal from his!" he stated emphatically.

I looked at Armand and roared, "Give her your blood!"

Instantly, he was by our side. He knelt down and slashed open his wrist with his fangs, forcing it to her mouth. I could tell some of it must have slipped down her throat when she just barely swallowed. But still, nothing happened.

Felaern threatened furiously, "If she dies, there will be retribution, consequences. I will rain down destruction on you!"

Another long moment when by...And still nothing.

Armand pulled his arm back.

I repositioned her in my arms and tore her shirt down the middle so that I could see the wound in her chest. I examined it intently, looking for any signs of healing. Abruptly, there appeared to be slight movement in her lungs.

Hope soared through me.

I watched as the wound in her chest began to close. And then suddenly, a very distinct pattern began to appear along her right bicep and breast. It looked like a tattoo, except the lines were perfectly white, not black.

"Holy fuck!!" Armand breathed in shock as the image became clear – it was his family crest!

"She is my daughter," he stated in awe.

Without warning, Armand's wonder and amazement turned into uncontrollable fury as he attacked Felaern. After several blows, they separated. Armand stepped to the side, clearly intending to strike again as soon as he found an opportunity. He growled angrily, "I almost gave my own child to that motherfucker! Why the fuck didn't you tell me when you are here?!"

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