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Chapter 82 – The Right Choice – Cage's POV

Anxiety and pain crossed her features. She whispered, "Please don't ask me that question."

My jaw clenched. I nodded. "I guess that is my answer."

"I'm sorry... I don't want to hurt you," she pleaded.

I took a moment to make sure I was in control.

She stared at me worriedly.

I finally said, "I don't like it... But I expected it."

She explained softly, "It was necessary... Before the ceremony..."

I cringed hard when she mentioned their upcoming union. Of course she noticed my response. She whispered "How are you going to handle that?"

I shook my head and replied honestly, "I truly don't know. Every time I try to prepare myself for it by picturing it in my mind, the pain is too great and I have to shove the image out."

Tears fell from her eyes at my distress.

I continued, "But somehow, when the time comes, I suspect I will be strong enough to endure it, because I won't have a choice not to."

She bit her lip and whispered through her tears, "You are stronger than me."

I raised my eyebrows, and asked, "What do you mean?"

She choked back a sob as she said, "I know it's hypocritical of me, and I want you to be happy, but I could never survive knowing you have been with someone else. Please don't ever tell me."

I hated to see her pain, because I intimately shared it. The knowledge was hell to deal with. I couldn't give her much anymore, but I could at least give her a little bit of comfort right now. I told her the truth, "I haven't been with anyone."

The overwhelming relief was evident in her face, so her next question surprised me, "Why?"

That answer was easy. "I have no desire for anyone else. Now that I have felt real love, and actually made love  to a woman, anything less won't satisfy me."

Fresh tears rolled down her cheeks as she mumbled, "I hate hurting you."

"Could I ask you a question?" I said softly. I was probably going to regret it, but since we were here.

"Of course."

"Is he gentle with you?"

Her eyes opened wide and she said in confusion, "You cannot really want to know details."

I gritted my teeth and replied, "Maybe it is masochistic of me, but for me to sleep at night, I need to know that you are safe in every  way."

She hesitated.

"I won't get angry," I promised her quietly. That wasn't entirely true, but I said it anyway.

She whispered, "It wasn't easy. Since our relationship is not built in love, I had to learn to trust him in other ways. He was patient and didn't push me. He knows I love you. He hasn't asked me to stop loving you. Instead he just asked me to fully accept the reality that my future was with him."

I noticed she didn't specifically answer my question. But I understood why she told me what she did. She was trying to reassure me that she was okay.

She continued, "He really is a wise and kind man. We openly and honestly talk through each of the hurdles, and have built a successful alliance. It was the best outcome I could have hoped for...Because my heart  will always belong to another."

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