Photos Above: Talia, Kieran

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Photos Above: Talia, Kieran

Chapter 10 – Loyalties


I watched her sleep, her features relaxed peacefully. My mind spun over the events of the day. I had planned to kill her only a few hours ago. Now, she was asleep in my bed and I had declared my intention to mate with her.

What the fuck was I doing?

Abruptly, she rolled toward me, resting against my side. For a moment, I wondered if she had woken, but her breathing remained steady. I moved my arm out from between us and she curled tighter into me. I could feel her bare breasts against my chest as her arm slid across me. My dick jumped in response. I listened again to see if she was awake. She wasn't.

I let my fingers wind into her hair and then down her back, pulling her even closer. That was innocent enough.

The movement caused her to sigh contentedly. She suddenly wrapped one of her legs over me, her thigh brushing across my now rock solid hard-on. Lust shot through me at the contact. She had to be awake. There was no way she couldn't know what she was doing.

I listened intently again.

Still nothing.

I groaned softly and couldn't stop myself from grasping her knee and pulling it higher on my stomach. She moaned and the scent of her arousal filled the air combined with her already unique bloodline scent, intoxicating my senses. That damn little moan of hers was going to be the death of me.

I had told her I wouldn't touch her unless she asked, but she was now naked and draped over my body. It took everything in me not to roll her over and climb on top of her. I could still vividly recall how tight she was when she came around my fingers. From our earlier conversation, I suspected it was a new experience for her...At least at the hands of a man.

I wondered if she ever got herself off. The image came easily to me...Her writhing and panting softly, with her little fingers between her legs, pleasuring herself. That thought did nothing to slow down the fire building inside of me.

As if of their own accord, my fingers left her knee and slowly trailed up her thigh. She was high enough on my body, all I had to do was reach around her ass, and I could feel the heat between her legs. My hand twitched painfully. Finally, I could resist no more and barely stroked her center.

She whined softly and I could feel her moisture on my fingertips.

Fuck me.

I had to get out of there or I wasn't going to be able to stop myself from taking her. I removed her limbs off of me quickly but carefully not to wake her. I walked to the bathroom, and barely shut the door before I fisted my throbbing cock, biting back a grunt as I used my thumb to spread a bead of pre-cum around the tip and vigorously stroked up and down the shaft. Images of Raine writhing beneath me flashed through my brain. I could still smell her scent on my fingers. It only took a minute before the tension in my body exploded, granting me profound relief.

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