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Chapter dedicated to Pas170400. You are beyond awesome for reading and voting! Thanks, my friend!

Chapter 100 –My Little Slut– Raine's POV

It was nearing dusk and the deep black of night would descend in another hour. I walked into the large seating room of our hotel suite. Our travel to Marku's territory had been uneventful. We had foregone the traditional luxury tour bus, preferring to travel in less conspicuous vehicles to avoid unwanted attention. Our hotel was still thirty miles from the gates of Marku's estate; however, the last thing we wanted was a random Marku loyalist to recognize a royal procession.

However, traveling in SUV's during daylight hours was a bit more complicated due to the risk of the sun charring us to a crisp. The back windows of each vehicle were tinted completely black, but to drive legally, the front windows could not be as heavily coated. This meant we had to employ human drivers. It was not the ideal situation given their potential for harm, however it couldn't be avoided.

Talon had quickly been recruited to drive the vehicle I would be riding in. Ivy had sat next to him in the front seat, while Cage and I settled in the far back. I still hadn't had a chance to talk with Talon privately after the little fiasco of me trying to kill him. He seemed to be perfectly comfortable being around me, which had given me tremendous relief. It would have broken my heart to see him react to me out of fear. But I sensed he was a little confused. He knew very little about our itinerary and why we had abruptly had to flee Echo's territory. I planned to explain everything to him now that we reached the hotel and could get a few minutes alone.

I glanced down at the diagrams for the underbelly of Marku's kingdom spread across the table. We had printed several sets, and marked which two routes we thought would give us the best access. We had to find Marku's security team, isolate one of the top guards, get the location where Marku and Queen Ileana were hiding, compel the guard to forget we were ever there, and then get out completely unseen. Yeah, not an easy task. But we didn't have any other options right now of learning Marku's location. Both Cage and Echo had tapped into every resource they had, and had come up empty.

We had found out that Marku owned a villa in France and extensive holdings in Greece that he frequented. So, it stood to reason he may have taken her to one of those locations, but the idea seemed too 'easy', so we had discarded those options...for now.

No, it made more sense that Marku had to be hiding somewhere else in the world, at a location he was confident Armand would not be able to find. Because he knew Armand would send a full frontal attack if his location were known. Marku didn't want a war...he simply wanted me.

My skin crawled and fury shot through my veins, so strong, it left me shaking. The force of it stunned me. I took deep breaths to calm myself and then noticed my reflection in the mirror – my eyes were blazing red!

Another wave of adrenaline crashed through me hard as I stared at the woman in the mirror. I almost didn't recognize her. She looked like me...but yet, different. Her expression was fierce...absolutely determined and absolutely deadly. And there was no hesitation in her crimson eyes...just churning violence. Shit.

I had actually been surprised when Cage agreed I would go with them into Marku's kingdom. Even though I was certainly much less breakable, I had expected he would still try to keep me at arm's distance from any kind of danger. Looking at the girl in the mirror made me wonder if he knew what lay beneath my calm facade, if he knew the warrior contained within.

He must have.

But it still shocked the hell out of me.

I needed to calm down. I focused more intently on breathing, and tried to think about good things...like warm fuzzy kittens. I smirked.  Sweet harmless kittens were not really my style. No, a much bigger cat, with razor sharp claws and devastating teeth came to mind...Loki!

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