Chapter 164—Anal Cherry Appointment

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Chapter 164—Anal Cherry Appointment


"You look stunning, Tigru," Cage's voice was rich and resonated with deep satisfaction. His satisfaction was well deserved—the night was magical and special and amazing. He'd made sure of it, down to the very last detail, even my dress.

Cage had commissioned the finest seamstresses in Armand's kingdom to create a one-of-a-kind dress. I had never seen anything like it. A stunning design including birds, butterflies, and flowers in rich jeweled tones were intricately beaded, and carefully positioned to just barely cover my private parts, leaving the rest of my skin on display through the sheer, completely see-through fabric. The dress had a seductive high slit all of the way up the side of my right leg. I suspected Cage planned it that way for easy access...because he'd also chosen for me to forgo any undergarments. I was completely bare beneath the provocative dress. Vampires loved to put their females on display. Cage was no different.

My laughter lifted like tinkling bells as Cage twirled me effortlessly, our bodies moving as one across the marble dance floor. The ballroom looked like an enchanted forest, climbing vines and thousands of fragrant, dramatically displayed fresh cut flowers. Ethereal bouquets and arrangements in crystal vases. White roses, Delphinium, Muscari and the shy and blushing delicate hanging bells of the Lily of the Valley's, with pops of color, Prussian blue rounded boughs of hydrangeas and blue thistle. I inhaled the stunning, fragrant essence of the bouquets, breathing deeply.

Happiness radiated out of me. The ceremony had been perfect. Cage had stood by my side as I had been introduced, his gleaming silver eyes mirrored fierce love and pride for his mate. Armand had made a speech, surprisingly heartfelt considering his normal cold demeanor. Underneath his hard edges and our rough beginning, he and I had found common ground. We were similar in many ways, stubborn, opinionated and deeply loyal.

And on my head, Armand had placed an exquisite, delicate crown of emeralds and diamonds. I was a Queen by right of my Bloodline vampire heritage, however here in his kingdom, the people loved and welcomed me as their Princess, daughter of King Armand.

Cage spun me once again, before pulling me tight to his body. I placed my cheek against his chest, reveling in his hard, defined pectoral muscles. My gaze landed on Talia and Alaric dancing across the room. "They look happy," I murmured softly.

Cage turned his head in the direction I was staring. "They do," he agreed easily, his voice softening.

My reunion with Talia and Alaric had been joyous. I hadn't seen either of them since my failed mating ceremony with Alaric over seven months ago. Alaric and Cage greeted each other with mutual respect. They would never be close friends, given my history with Alaric; however, Cage was genuinely happy that one of his best friends—and now his sister-in-law—had found true love in a mate.

Talia had instantly gathered me into her arms for an exuberant bear hug, her words coming out fast and high, "I've missed you!"

"I missed you too," I laughed and struggled to breathe as she clutched me tight, refusing to let go. "I'm sorry that we missed your mating ceremony."

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