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Chapter 29 – Hold On To Me – Raine's POV

"No!!! You can't!!" I breathed. "You promised me you would consider everything I said calmly and coolly. You are not calm right now...Please don't make any decisions."

He inhaled and exhaled deeply purposefully a few times to get himself back under control. Finally he said with a determined growl, "I won't kill him outright. Not yet. But I will find a way. He is a dead man."

The tension left my body and my shoulders dropped in relief. I asked, "Is that it? Are we done talking now?"

His smirk returned as he assured me, "Almost." He looked at me carefully and contemplated, "I lost track of you during the fight, right after you punched the hunter on the ground and then back flipped out of his reach. And then didn't see you again until you pulled the stake out of Talia."

He stopped and examined my body.

I knew what he was going to ask.

"What happened in between? Did you fight with them or did Hayden pull you away from the rest and just contain you?"

I replied softly, "I fought. And no, they didn't hold back. They made fierce contact more than a few times."

His eyebrows pulled in confusion.

I said what we were both thinking, "I was amazed too when we got back, to find the bruising had healed and the pain was gone. I've never healed that fast before."

He nodded and contemplated, "I was surprised when you had enough strength to flip the hunter to the ground. Do you remember throwing me off of you?"

"What?" I breathed, trying to walk back through the events in my mind.

"Yes, I tried to push you down with my body, to get you away from the flying daggers, but you growled at me and threw me off," he explained.

So much had happened earlier today, that some of it was a jumbled mess in my mind, but now that he mentioned it, I did remember and stared at him with a small 'o' on my lips.

He noted, "Whatever you are experiencing, it seems to be accelerating. How do you feel now?" He stared at me intently, waiting for my answer.

Maybe my hormones were just already stuck in overdrive, because the intensity of his gaze caused heat to snake through my body, leaving me trembling. I somewhat recalled he had asked me a question, but for the life of me, I couldn't remember what.

I guess our question/answer session was done, because his eyes caught up to mine in an instant. He locked me in his heated gaze as he slowly leaned to switch off the lamp next to the bed. My heart raced frantically as he reached for me. I was surprised when he pulled me to him with my back facing him, as he slid us both down the bed into a laying position.

His fingers gently moved my hair away from my neck, before his lips came down, burning a trail of hot kisses from that sensitive spot behind my ear down to my shoulder, and ever so slowly and purposefully back up again. I squirmed in his grip, panting, as his lips and teeth gently teased my earlobe. He murmured huskily, "I am going to make you mine tonight."

I shuddered with intense pleasure.

He reached for the hem of my shirt. I lifted slightly and leaned forward, so that he could pull it over my head. His hands slid firmly down my side to my hips, pulling my shorts and panties low. I kicked them the rest of the way off of my feet.

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