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Pic above: Killian

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Pic above: Killian

Chapter dedicated to Indeedfinesir. You are an angel for reading and sneaking up on the Vote button! lol

Chapter 118 – Measuring Dicks – Cage's POV

I traveled a well-worn path inside of my cramped cell, suffocating the almost continuous growls of frustration that kept climbing up my throat.  Round and round, I paced. The bare concrete walls, reinforced with silver, slipped away from my attention, fading into the background of my mind, as my brain swirled with more important matters. Escaping. Freeing Raine. Killing Marku.

Every molecule inside of me quivered with anticipation, threatening to explode into violence. Glorious violence. I thirsted to unleash a thunderstorm of blood, destroying everything and everyone in my path. But I tamped it down. I had to be smart. I couldn't go off half-cocked. Or we would end up in an even worse situation.

I ground my teeth together, remembering our capture.  We had been ambushed by Marku's forces, but it had quickly become apparent they were not fighting to kill, just to restrain us. Even still, we had taken out quite a few of them before reinforcements arrived and there were too many to overcome. But why the restriction of lethal force?  Clearly, strategy was in play here, but what was Marku's end game? 

Keeping me alive made sense because my death would catapult Raine into devastating pain, highly counterproductive to him having his way with her. I bit down hard on my lip, causing blood to escape the sliced flesh. Bastard. I spit the blood from my mouth. But that didn't explain why Marku had chosen to spare Echo and his men. I had been locked in one cell, while they were contained in the cell next to me.

I growled, "Killian!"

Killian was the warden in Marku's jail – and a dark faerie. I was surprised at Marku's choice for such a critical position. Fae were unpredictable at best and couldn't be fully trusted. And those were the good ones. Dark fae were even less reliable and a hundred times more dangerous. But if Marku had found a way to guarantee Killian's loyalty, he was undoubtedly a significant hurdle to overcome in securing our escape. Primarily because he was impervious to compulsion. 

The male sauntered over to my cell, an ever-present glint in his amber glowing eyes.  Fae were drawn to trouble and mischief, like a moth to a flame, so I just needed to rile him up a little bit. Yesterday, he had made some mysterious and cryptic comment about 'meeting our fates in three days'. I needed more information.  I had a plan to get us free, but I had to know what was going on with Raine first.

Killian wasn't affected by my compulsion and no other guard was allowed within hearing distance to me. It was Marku's protection against me compelling one of them to open the cells. I smirked because Marku had no idea I could compel without speaking. I had never known a vampire with the skill either, and had been shocked as hell when I realized it during Talon's day long oral-sex-fest with Ivy. Talon had frozen, and I had spoken directly into his mind, forcing him to do my will.

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