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Chapter dedicated to D3bb88. Thanks, thanks, thanks for reading and voting!!

Music: Ready or Not  Here I Come. Not sure the version, might be Mischa Chillak

Chapter 73 –Teetering on the Edge– Raine's POV

His utter nonsense caused my head to hurt, and I had had enough of his games. I gritted my teeth and lightly stepped to the side, looking for an opening. He had to have some sort of weakness that I could exploit. His stance lowered and he grinned broadly as he purred, "Oh, by all means, my dear, bring it on."

It wouldn't be easy, but I had held my own against two vampires at the same time before. Surely, I could manage to successfully free myself from his grasp. Before I could even make a move, he lunged toward me.

Without conscious thought, I spun away from his grasp. My body moved on instinct, knowing what to do. My heart pounded in my chest as I faced him again. That bastard nodded in approval, as if he was teaching me to fight, not defending himself from any actual attack.

I growled and blurred forward, dropping low to keep my upper body away from his powerful grip, while I jutted out my foot, intent on connecting to his shin.

When he leapt over me, avoiding the hit, I knew I only had a millisecond to turn around and defend his counter strike. Unfortunately, I was a breath too late, and his hand slammed into my shoulder, causing me to cry out and spiral off balance.

He waited patiently for me to recover.

I narrowed my eyes, determination flowing hard and strong through my bones. Maybe a more direct approach was necessary. I shot toward him, throwing a right-handing punch. As expected, he blocked my strike, but I was already in motion to counter, spinning at an incredible speed and landed a fierce kick solidly to his chest.

The impact forced him back several feet.

When he regained his balance, he raised an eyebrow at me in surprise and prowled toward me purposefully.  I couldn't help the small smirk that fell across my face. But maybe my expression of victory was a touch premature, because he suddenly bolted forward, wrapped his arms around me in a bear hug, and tackled me to the ground. I cried out in pain as I landed hard on my back.

His hips straddled my body, and he used the full weight of his large frame to keep me down. I writhed beneath him, struggling to free myself.  His pupils dilated completely at the movement and he growled in pleasure.

I froze. Okay, note to self, no wiggling my body against his, even in an attempt to get free. It most certainly did not get me the response I was looking for. I held perfectly still, my heart pounding, waiting for an opportunity.

The fire in his eyes gently calmed and he lifted to his knees to get off of me.

Once again, I wasn't employing my best judgment as I decided to use that exact moment to shove my knee right into his groin. He grunted in pain and dropped his body flat against mine as he held my hands down over my head. Dark fury crossed his features as he growled, "I had been nice, but clearly nice is not effective with you, so now I am going to teach you a lesson."

His words caused cold hard fear to spike in me, but I couldn't back down. Not until I had my freedom. I used every last ounce of strength I had to try to push him off of me. Shockingly I was almost successful. However, before either of us could make another move, the game changed entirely.

I heard a sharp hiss pierce the air.

I recognized the sound of their crossbow– Hunters!

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