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Chapter 135 –Do It!– Raine's POV

He ran with me in his arms.



For the first few hours, I screamed and beat against the solid wall of his chest, my agony all consuming, writhing in pain. Every second, every step, every thought, every breath...torture.

Still he ran.


His jaw clenched in restraint. The powerful muscles in his arms flexed and bowed, veins protruding from the skin, his grip tightened on my body painfully, restricting my movement. A feral command, "Stop fighting me!"

I bucked harder, unbearable power growing in my limbs. Energy inside my bones sparked and churned, burning for release. I twisted my body hard, jerking myself from his grasp, and flipped through the air, landing on my feet. My legs trembled like a newborn colt, unsteady and wobbly. I fought to stay upright. My hands clenched into fist, glaring at him, my fangs bared, hissing and spitting.

His eyes flashed crimson. He slunk low. A purposeful step in my direction. A guttural snarl, "I'm not playing this game with you. If you do not behave, I will hurt you."

A threat.

He meant it.

I laughed, the sound empty, dead, without humor.

He thought he could hurt me. My heart had just literally been torn in two. Cage was gone. The emptiness left behind felt like my soul had been ripped out of my chest, separated from my body.

Didn't Marku realize? Nothing he did to me mattered. Not now. Not anymore. I let out a sneer, a challenge of my own, "Bring it on."

His eyes narrowed. Tension rolled through his large frame, coiling, contracting. And then he released in a blur. I felt the impact of his fist to my shoulder before I saw it. My body spun out of control, crashing to the ground. He was on top of me in a second, holding me down.

I screamed, the sound coming out animalistic, primal. I writhed and kicked and clawed at his face, my nails puncturing deep, leaving evenly spaced bloody trails along his cheeks.

"Fucking hell!" he growled. His pupils dilated completely, anger rolling off of him in waves. He reared back and struck again, backhanding me hard to the side of my face.

My world went black.


I struggled to wake. Light and sound began to invade the darkness. Consciousness played at the edges of my mind. Unbearable pain. Whimpers slipped through my throat. I fought to make sense of my world.

Where was I?

What happened to me?

And then it all came crashing back.

Oh no, no, no...Cage was gone! The cruel reality was too much for my fragile mind to take. A hard spasm crashed through me. My back arched. I wailed his name into the darkness, "Cage!"

"What's wrong with her?!" A male hissed. There was a fluttering of wings, a displacement of air.

I panted, unable to catch my breath. I'd heard his voice before...but where? I pushed against the fog in my brain, trying to force myself into complete awareness. But the darkness was too strong. I was only able to catch bits and pieces.

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